President Obama aware of his impersonator in Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive

When director Abhishek Sharma began penning a spin-off to his 2010 surprise hit, Tere Bin Laden, alongside his onscreen Osama bin Laden, played by actor Pradhuman Singh, the writer-director started scouting for the perfect actor to play the character of American President, Barack Obama. He instantly knew he had found his man when he came across a video titled ‘President Obama on Death of Osama bin Laden’, which features American rapper-comedian, Iman Crosson, known for satirising the President’s speeches through rap.

“My team got in touch with Iman who’s based in Los Angeles. He flew down to Mumbai and we shot with him on a large set of Abbottabad, recreating the speech and the rap,” said the director Abhishek.

Iman has been invited to the White House on two occasions and has duly impressed the President with his impersonations. In fact, Obama calls him his ‘best mimic’. To top that,
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