DVD Review – Arne Dahl: The Complete Second Season

Arne Dahl: The Complete Second Season

Based on stories by Jan Arnald

Starring Malin Arvidsson, Shanti Roney, Alexander Salzberger, Natalie Minnevik, Magnus Samuelsson, Vera Vitali, Niklas Akerfelt.


After two years of being disbanded, Sweden’s National Police A Unit is brought back into action following a series of brutal murders. The team must negotiate a delicate balance between their personal lives and service to the work and careers…

Based on the writings of Swedish crime scribe Jan Arnald (the show’s title is a near rearrangement of his name) Arne Dahl is a tightly wound exploration of national and international crime scenarios.

Featuring five stories developed from Arnald’s Intercrime novels, the series of 10 episodes examines a range of high impact subjects, with murderous intent and terrorist activity never far from the perimeter.

Taking the successful TV crime formula of standalone cases alongside developing personal stories, the series
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