Netherlands Film Festival kicks off amid drama

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Netherlands Film Festival kicks off amid drama
At the Holland Film Meeting (Hfm) several new projects and new policy initiatives have been announced.

Hfm (Sept 24-27) is the industry component of the Netherlands Film Festival, the 10-day event in Utrecht showcasing he best in Dutch film and which culminates with the most prestigious prizes in Dutch Film - the Golden Calf awards.

The festival itself started in rancorous fashion with the news that producer Klaas de Jong had pulled Roel Reiné’s seafaring epic Michiel de Ruyter from the competition.

De Jong was unhappy that the film hadn’t been nominated for a Best Picture award despite being one of the most commercial Dutch movies of the year.

He complained in the local press that the awards were too arthouse-oriented and didn’t pay enough attention to films that reached the popular audience.

Festival director Willemien van Aalst strongly denied that the festival was ignoring populist fare.

“The Netherlands
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