10 Trivia Bits You May Not Know From Tim Burton's Batman

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman. This movie was so awesome, and I personally think it still holds up today. I watched this movie again a couple months ago and was entertained from beginning to end. It was a true comic book movie. I got a chance to see the movie on opening day at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. It was actually my first time seeing a movie in the legendary theater, and I still remember the experience of walking in and being wowed by how big it was, and there was a huge Batman symbol projecting on the curtains of the screen. It was a great day, and an amazing movie. Christopher Nolan himself called it "...a brilliant film, visionary and extraordinarily idiosyncratic...".

As a way to pay tribute to the film, I've come up with 10 fun bits of trivia that you might not know about it.
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