Tucker And Dale Vs Evil 2 Finally Enters Development!

As a horror fan, I find that movies blending humor with scares and gore always incite a bit of a cringe, but when done properly, horror comedies are a hell of a good time. There’s a reason why my favorite subgenre of horror happens to be its comedic offshoot, just like there’s a reason why Tucker And Dale Vs Evil is one of the funniest horror comedies to be released in the last few years. A sequel was immediately teased, rumors ran rampant, and I even tried to put the squeeze on Tyler Labine when I interviewed him for Best Man Down, but all was quiet surrounding our misunderstood yokels – until now.

Speaking this past week at Horrorhound in Cincinnati, Alan Tudyk and Labine finally confirmed that Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 has entered development. While there was skepticism over whether or not a sequel would ever come to fruition,
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