Last Night’s “Supernatural”: Searching for the First Blade

Is it possible to spend an entire episode focused on the First Blade and not really learn much of anything about it in the process? Sure! Never underestimate the power of Supernatural’s crack team of writers!

That doesn’t mean we didn’t learn some interesting, non-blade related things. Let’s discuss.

The King of Hell Has a Problem…

And I’m not just talking about the fact that he was trying to bond with Sam while Sam was trying to plot his death because he maybe sees too many parallels between himself and the demon blood and Crowley and the human blood… or maybe because he doesn’t like Dean getting chummy with him. No. I mean an actual problem with… um… “substance” abuse.

Given that Abaddon is right on his tail, picking up a debilitating addiction to human blood is probably not his smartest move, but he
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