Night Raid 1931 DVD Review

Directors: Jun Matsumoto, Masashi Ishihama

Starring: Daisuke Namikawa, John Gremillion, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Andrew Love, Hiroaki Hirata, Greg Ayres Nabuhiko Okamoto, Josh Grelle, Ryusuke Oobayashi, John Kaiser

Running Time: 400 minutes

Certificate: 15

It isn’t often that an anime series arrives as a completely original offering, but Night Raid 1931, is not only not based on any pre-existing material, but it’ also a brilliant series. Taking place in Shanghai between World War 1 and World War 2, Night Raid 1931 is a glorious recreation of a conflicted time period, where poverty and depression was leading into yet another crisis. Everything in the series is beautifully animated, with epic attention to detail bringing to life the period setting. Cars, buildings, and clothing all help generate a realistic and faithful representation of life in Shanghai at the time.

The plot follows a group of secret agents who each have a different power. Whether it be teleportation, mind reading,
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