Nightmare Factory (2011) Review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott,

Nightmare Factory (2011)

Directed by: Donna Davies

Featuring: Gregory Nicotero, Howard Berger, Gabriel Bartalos, John Landis, George A. Romero, John Carpenter, and more.

There’s a unique subset of horror fan that enjoys the horror documentary. Some would rather not know what the man looks like behind the curtain, or all the drama, politics, or bureaucracy behind getting a horror movie made. Then there are others that will take all the inside information and factoids that they can get. Maybe being able to get a glimpse into the lives of horror directors and effects guys, and that they have the same problems as us, or sitting back in the armchair, and thinking “I could’ve done that!”. Whatever the case, I personally love a good horror documentary.

Nightmare Factory” tells the story of Knb Effects Group, particularly Greg Nicotero, who has become legendary in the horror world,
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