Welcome to the Jungle is Satanically Bad

Welcome to the Jungle is Satanically Bad
When one of the principal actors in a film is a store-brand Seth Rogen actually playing a knock-off Seth Rogen type, you probably suspect that you're perched on one of the lower rungs of cinema hell.

When that same film wastes the assets of the perpetually misused Adam Brody (good looks, camera presence, acting skills) and reduces the magnificent Dennis Haysbert to cracking dick jokes, you have it confirmed that said film was pushed from the bowels of cinema hell.

Welcome to the Jungle, directed by Rob Meltzer from a script by Jeff Kauffmann, is satanically bad. When the head of an advertising firm (Haysbert) dispatches his underlings to a weekend camp retreat so they can bond as a team, hijinks should ensue from the clash of types, right? There's the idea-steal...
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