Disney 53: Pocahontas

Directors: Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg

1995/ 81 Minutes

Est. budget: $55 million

Box Office: $346.1 million

Whilst half the staff of Disney was working on a little-known Hamlet adaptation, The Lion King, the other were working on effectively a version of Romeo and Juliet called Pocahontas.

It was regarded as being one the hardest films produced by the studio, due to its rich colour schemes, angular shapes and facial expressions, and was in production for a full five years. It paid off, however, and is regarded as one of the studio’s finest works.

It was the first Disney animated feature to be based on a real historical character, as well as established known history and folklore of the Native Americans of the era, and focuses on her relationship with the (real) English explorer/soldier/author, John Smith. It’s difficult to discern exactly how faithful an adaptation the film is (putting aside
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