What's Causing The Seizures On 'Under The Dome'?

What's Causing The Seizures On 'Under The Dome'?
CBS' "Under the Dome" has already provided viewers with a number of mysteries in its first two episodes, but one of the most troubling is the cause of the violent seizures that affected both Chester's Mill resident Joe McAlister (Colin Ford) and out-of-town wild child Norrie Calvert-Hill (Mackenzie Lintz).

The Huffington Post caught up with Ford and Lintz on the North Carolina set of CBS' summer series during the filming of Episode 4 to find out what the young stars could reveal about their characters' burgeoning relationship and their mutual affliction. Light spoilers ahead.

Colin Ford

Give us a little insight into your character, Joe, because he seems fairly similar to his counterpart in the novel.

My character is Joe, also known as "Scarecrow Joe" from "Under the Dome," the book. And Joe is a real down-to-earth, normal, country-ish boy who’s kind of shy ... He sees this city girl, Norrie,
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