Dracula: Prince of Darkness Blu-ray is Coming to the Us

Millennium Entertainment recently sealed a deal to bring Hammer titles to the Us and Dracula: Prince of Darkness is the first title to be released on Blu-ray. At this time, the only Us-specific news we have is that the movie will be released on September 3rd, but we should have a full press release from Millennium shortly. Because the release is coming straight from Hammer, we believe it will mirror the UK release and here’s a look at that version’s bonus features, transfer, and cover art:

“In this sequel to Dracula (1958), four English tourists are holidaying in the Carpathians when they meet the unconventional Father Sandor (Andrew Keir) at an inn. He warns them to avoid the local castle if they value their lives, but the next day the quartet find themselves stranded in the mountains after their driver abandons them. When a driverless carriage arrives they board it,
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