American Burger is Grade A Meat: First Trailer

Tagline: "Only the finest ingredients - 100% Dead Meat!" American Burger is a horror film from Sweden. This title blends comedy with thrills as a group of tourists find themselves part of a strange menu. American Burger will release late in 2013. The film's story is fleshed out more in the film's trailer. In the clip, several students take a bus ride out to a remote farm. At the farm, the students find out that they are part of the menu. Some try to escape, while other are simply shuttled down the assembly line. Film fans can watch the madness unfold below, with more specific release details on American Burger soon to come. Release Date: Q4 2013. Director/writer: Bonita Drake and Johan Bromander. Cast: Liam Macdonald, Benjamin Brook, Aggy Kuk, Gabriel Freilich, Ben Thornton, Fredrik Hiller, Madeleine Borg, Lena Bengtson, Hanna Nygren, Charlie Petersson, and Hjalmar Strid. The first official trailer for
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