Hannah's Parents Wanted Her 'Institutionalised'

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Hannah's Parents Wanted Her 'Institutionalised'
Daryl Hannah's parents considered having her "institutionalised" when she suffered a breakdown in the wake of their divorce.

The Splash star grew up in Illinois with her mother Susan Wexler and her father Don Hannah, but her childhood was marred by her parents' split, which left her devastated from an early age.

Hannah admits she suffered behavioural problems as a child because the divorce left her with "a disconnected sense of reality", and she reveals her parents took her to a specialist doctor who recommended she receive intensive psychological treatment.

She tells the Biography channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories show, "I wasn't communicative and wasn't behaving like the rest of the kids. They thought I needed to be on some kind of serious treatment plan, and I should probably be institutionalised."

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