Blu Review: Escapee

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I love a good slasher movie just as much as the next horror fan. The sub-genre is so hit-and-miss these days. For every Cold Prey or Laid to Rest, we're given 10 more entries that leave you feeling mentally drained by the time the credits roll on them. Anchor Bay Entertainment's Escapee is just lucky enough to fall right in the middle of good and bad in the realm of watchable mediocrity.

Psychology student Abby Jones (Christine Evangelista) makes the mistake of locking eyes with a murderous patient named Harmon (Dominic Purcell) while on a class trip to the local mental institute. Unfortunately, Abby resembles Harmon's girlfriend that he brutally butchered. He escapes from the hospital and heads out in search of Abby, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

Director / writer Campion Murphy put together the right ingredients for Escapee. The problem is the formula he concocts is overused.
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