What's the most outrageous prediction for the future?

Sentient computers? Spandex in space? You told us the least convincing Nostradamus moment in a sci-fi flick

@thisismetypinganame Blade Runner is only nine years away, and we've barely started exploring the Tannhäuser Gate or the shoulder of Orion. And the current crop of replicants is rubbish too.

@Housey Surely Planet of the Apes, although the idea of de-evolution is looking to be very prescient.

@newdecade Well 2001 came and went without mankind reaching Jupiter, or ... without any of that ... other ... stuff.

@Sokket The eugenics war of 1999 – Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

@c0n0r The three shells of Demolition Man? Although we still have 22 years.

@Ragged Ignoring all the mutant/pre-cog stuff, the most unbelievable thing in Minority Report were the vertical motorways that ran, for no reason whatsoever, down the side of skyscrapers.

@herebutforfortune Sentient computers like Hal in 2001, whose emotional reaction to being told he was wrong
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