Timberlake lights up Fincher's Facebook film

R&B pop star gives a career-best acting perfomance in The Social Network, though don't ask him to poke you, he prefers sending postcards

He used to call it his "hobby". Many of us might read, play football or fish, but for Justin Timberlake, Grammy-winning, multi-platinum pop star, his hobby was acting in Hollywood movies. He couldn't just stick to golf (though he's good at that, too).

The self-deprecating description was probably sensible, taking the pressure of expectation off his appearances in films as varied as indie sizzler Black Snake Moan to animated cash cow Shrek The Third. After all, the one-time Disney kid could have expected to see his screen ambitions dismissed as a Mickey Mouse endeavour, although you wouldn't want to mention this to his face. Not because – as with previous singer-actors, from Frank Sinatra to Mark Wahlberg – you'd be worried about getting a smack but because, well,
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