Dialogue: John Gatins Talks Writing 'Flight' and His Five Favorite Screenplays of All Time

Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Gatins started his career as an actor. He played small roles in films like Leprechaun 3, Varsity Blues and Meet Dave before (and while) writing screenplays for Summer Catch, Coach Carter and Real Steel. Gatins may have originally come to Hollywood to be an actor, but it’s his screenwriting that’s made him a star. And with the release Flight (out on Blu-ray and DVD February 5), his star is suddenly shining just about as brightly as it’s ever going to get. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Denzel Washington, Gatins masterful screenplay for Flight not only turned a movie with a major plane-crash set piece into a small, human drama, but it also garnered the young writer an Oscar nomination. Movies.com recently sat down with...

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