WWE: 8 Locations for WrestleMania 30

The location of WrestleMania 30, or XXX if you want to go non-pg for a risqué title, is set to be announced in just a few weeks time. While obviously not as impactful as a Superbowl, or other major sporting attractions such as the Olympics (though let’s be fair, nothing is that big), the greatest annual event in the wrestling calendar is still a major boost for the local economy, doing wonders for local hotels, restaurants and bars. This past April’s WrestleMania is said to have made Miami $100m with the economic impact from the week equalling the creation of 1,020 full-time jobs. It is an exciting prospect for any host city so it is little surprise so many are interested.

The MetLife Stadium, host for Xxix, is the most expensive stadium built in the world and is likely to house a projected 90,000. It’s a massive coup for Vince McMahon,

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