George Lucas to Donate Most of Disney's $4 Billion

About two years ago, forty Us billionaires pledged to give at least half of their wealth to charity, either during their lifetimes or after death. The list includes Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg and George Lucas. At the time, Lucas was worth about $3.5 billion and was the only person in Hollywood to make this pledge. Now that he has retired and sold Lucasfilm to Disney, his worth skyrocketed to over $4 billion. And it turns out he's already making plans to keep his word and donate most of it. A spokesperson for Lucasfilm revealed that Lucas will put the majority of his wealth into a foundation which will primarily focus on educational issues. "George Lucas has expressed his intention to donate the majority of the proceeds [from Lucasfilm sale] to his philanthropic endeavors," said the spokesperson. Over the years, Lucas has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to USC, Film Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer
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