The Deceptive Infectiousness of Laughter | The Weekend Box Office Round-Up

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I present you with a short anecdote that I will later artlessly tie into this box-office round-up: On Saturday, I went to a church fair in a very small town in New Hampshire, a place that the rest of the world has largely passed by. This "fair," was comprised of a huge yard sale, where VHS copies of fitness routines and cassette tapes were on sale among scores of broken toys and mass market paperbacks. Homemade ice cream was sold, and at the end of the day, we ate potluck meals while an auctioneer sold off the nicer items, like "Extreme Home Makeover" baseball caps, left by a crew remodeling a house a few cities over. It was an interesting experience. But the big draw for the fair was former National Poet Laureate, Donald Hall, who did a poetry reading inside the church before the potluck. He's 84. He's also pretty incredible.
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