Exclusive: Director D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant

D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant, in select theaters this weekend

Maybe bicycles, mold covered houses, and bagging on the president aren't your thing this weekend. Don't fret! If you like smart, funny story telling and plenty of gruesome gore, then guess what? You don't have to sit out this weekend at the box office! Director D. Kerry Prior has made just the movie just for you, and it's a kicking hell ride full of fun and gloriously horrible moments. Its The Revenant, and if you're a fan of old school Peter Jackson and movies like The Return of the Living Dead and Dead Heat, you don't want to miss out on this special treat.

The story follows fallen war hero Bart Gregory, who returns from the grave stateside after suffering massive head trauma in Iraq. He seeks out his hipster best friend Joey in need of blood, and the two become Los Angeles vigilantes,
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