Dread Visits the Set of Model Home; Exclusive Stills!

This writer hit the set of the then-shooting Patrick Cunningham-directed feature Model Home in the La area enclave of Santa Clarita on July 9th and while there chatted with the filmmaker regarding the project as well as with co-producer Will Clevinger (The Devil’s Carnival) and more.

Shooting Day 19 of 20 in the entirely suburban and seemingly white-bread environ, it was hard not to feel that aliens with a hankering for Reese’s Pieces and nuclear families with daughters named "Carol Anne" would both feel entirely comfortable on the set of Model Home. The rented residence in which the production had set up shop and the homes that surrounded it were dotted with manicured lawns and tricycles with colorful handle-bar streamers, abandoned apparently by the pre-pubescent children who had ridden them. Smart perhaps, as what was shooting inside Model Home was fairly disconnected from the tranquility the family-centric locale strove for.
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