Is "InfoMania"'s Bryan Safi the Gayest Man in the World? Quite Possibly

Thanks to his “That’s Gay” segment on Current TV’s Infomania, Bryan Safi has become one of the most recognizable gay comedians in American pop culture. His satirical segments have taken on everything from the ridiculous phrase “No homo” to the terror that is gays attending prom to protecting the sacred institution of divorce from the gays.

In fact, Bryan is so immersed in gay culture, he claims to now be the gayest person on the planet. recently caught up with Bryan to debate who really deserves that title, how “That’s Gay” came to be and much more.

AfterElton: I just want to clear one thing up so our readers aren't confused: even though we're both gay, this interview will be "no homo", right?

Bryan Safi: Of course! Just make sure you put it at the very end.

Ae: Will do. I know that you
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