Heroes battle space cadets at Sci-Fi London | James Kingsland

Two UK premieres at Sci-Fi London – The Last Push and Sol – embody the best and worst of the genre

The credits rolled on the excellent Sci-Fi London film festival on Monday. In the best tradition of niche film festivals, the awful and awesome extremes of low-budget filmmaking were showcased. So on Friday and Sunday we got the first UK screenings of The Last Push (written and directed by Eric Hayden), and on Saturday there was Sol.

In The Last Push, an unmanned probe has spotted whale-like shapes gliding beneath the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa and a private space enterpreneur, Walter Moffit (Lance Henrickson), has spent a mindblowing $50bn sending a manned spacecraft to investigate. But the six-year mission has to be aborted when a meteoroid strikes the craft, killing one of the two astronauts.

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For the next two years the survivor,
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