'Alcatraz': Madsen Realizes Lucy May Be The Key

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'Alcatraz': Madsen Realizes Lucy May Be The Key
While Hauser has been running a campaign of his own on "Alcatraz" (Mon., 9 p.m. Et on Fox), Madsen and Doc have been working largely in the dark. What little he does give them is often just tantalizing glimpses into what he knows. Viewers know that Lucy was a psychiatrist working on the Rock in the 1960s, where she first met a younger Hauser, as well as knowing all about Hauser's New Alcatraz and the modern-day presence of Dr. Beauregard.

With next week's two-hour season finale looming, the intrepid pair stumbled upon a key piece of the puzzle, though how much it will help them remains to be seen. Lucy has been a key figure since the beginning, but she's also been in a coma. Recently, Beauregard learned that the blood of a '63 that had been "treated" on Alcatraz may save her life, but they needed to find a match.
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