How to Guide: Social Networking, Marketing & Representation

How to: Submit to an AgentWhen you're ready to submit your headshot and résumé to agents in order to find representation, pick up a copy of Call Sheet, published by Back Stage, to see what agencies are looking for and what kind of performers they represent. Many agencies now have websites, which may even list specific guidelines and the agency's clients. Look at those client rosters and see where you might fit in or help fill an agency's needs.Nancy Moon-Broadstreet, theatrical agent, the Geddes Agency, Los Angeles: "Find out what kind of business they do and where their clients work. If you see someone who has three clients that are kind of like you, then maybe that's not the office to press for. They clearly have the same taste, but you would be fourth on the list, so maybe you should look for somebody who doesn't have anyone like you.
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