Meet Our Professional Fan Girl As She Meets Ashley Greene

Like many of you, I've always had a bit of an obsession with pop culture and celebrities. Growing up in the New York area, I was always going to concerts and signings in an attempt to get up close and personal with some of my favorites.

About two years ago, I turned the fascination into a full-time hobby … and have since met more celebrities than I can even remember — Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and George Clooney among them. Now, the fine folks at NextMovie have tasked me, Professional Fan Girl, with recounting my run-ins with movie stars and sharing my adventures at premieres, awards shows, etc. with you.

I didn't waste any time getting my meet-and-greet on. Today's special: "Twilight" starlet Ashley Greene as she filmed a guest appearance on ABC Television's "Pan Am" in Manhattan today.

So how does a girl celebrate her latest film bringing in an estimated $500 million worldwide?
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