Katwomanxxx Exclusive: An Interview with Actress Dylan Ryder - Plus Trailer & Over 150-Image Gallery

For anyone expecting a lurid discussion of favorite positions, fetishes or toys, apologies. The approach taken to the conversation was the same as it would be for any other actress in any other project. Media Geek: Is this an unusual project for you to be involved with compared to your regular films? Dylan Ryder: As far as being a full character, yes it’s different than anything I’ve done so far. As far as wackiness goes, I’ve been in enough Paul Chaplin movies to know what to expect when it comes to wackiness. It’s actually really fun and it was fun to get into a whole character like that. Media Geek: What was the experience like playing a full character compared to the type of person you’d usually play? Dylan Ryder: I think the difference is that it kind of makes you feel more powerful and sexier,
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