Short Film: Carny

Enter the sideshow of wonder and amazement, of sorrow and tragedy in Kevin Lonano‘s dark and eerie short film Carny. At the Psycho-Fugue Circus, magician La Fumeur (Vincent K. Guagenti) needs a new act, but it’s one that may leave his longtime assistant, Angela Cloud (Holly Lynn Ellis), not very happy with her partner. And carny retribution can be a real bitch.

Carny is a new film by the prolific Robot Hand! crew and is the first production under their banner to be solo directed by Kevin Lonano, the younger brother of founder Brian Lonano. (The two previously co-directed the short Martian Precursor.)

While there are some slightly similar feels to other Robot Hand! productions, especially the use of regular actors Ellis, Guagenti and Don Singalewitch as ringmaster Mr. Fugue, Kevin Lonano definitely has his own style, feel and pacing.

One of the things that makes Carny work
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