Comforting Skin (2011) Movie Trailer: Derek Franson, Victoria Bidewell

Comforting Skin Trailer. Derek Franson‘s Comforting Skin (2011) movie trailer stars Victoria Bidewell, Tygh Runyan, Jane Sowerby, Phil Granger, and Ava Hughes. Comforting Skin‘s plot synopsis: “a supernatural thriller that follows Koffie, a lonely young woman who’s desperate need for emotional and sexual companionship draws her into a surreal and ultimately destructive relationship with a shifting and whispering tattoo she has willed to life on her skin.”

Damn does this horror movie look good and somehow it “was shot last spring on a budget of roughly $250,000.” I’m impressed.

On the tattoo special effects in Comforting Skin:

That was done through the use of digital animation and compositing techniques, requiring custom code developed by VFX Supervisor Ollie Rankin.

Comforting Skin also stars Eugene Lipinski, Jenn Griffin, Paul Jarrett, Laura Soltis, John Tench, Stephen Lofstrom, Jesai Jayhmes, Nicola Rollet, and Jared Cote.

Watch Comforting Skin movie trailer below
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