Exclusive: Interview with Milynn Sarley from ‘Team Unicorn’

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Odds are if you’re surfing B3K, you have a little geek in you. Odds are if you have a little geek in you, you’ve heard of Milynn Sarley. Hailed by some as the ‘the coolest lady ever’, Milynn has starred in numerous ‘Team Unicorn’ videos which have gone viral, Hosted G4TV’s Attack of the Show! and she’s probably the only person who keeps Chuck Norris from sleeping soundly at night. I got to sit down with Miss Sarley and discuss Anime, guns and world domination.

Aaron M.K.: On your twitter account you say that you’re girl geek and technically you don’t exist, what started you down the path of geekdom?

Milynn Sarley: It was never “Hey I’m gonna set out on a path to become a geek!” My dad was a teenager when I was born and my Aunts,
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