Top 10 Movies We Are Thankful for In 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all! This year we thought we would take sometime to look at ten of the films we are most thankful for. They might not be the best movies of the year, as this is not the point of the list, but rather the ones that we really enjoyed and are thankful for being made, thankful for their lessons, thankful for their addition to a series and whatever other reasons we can give for being thankful for these movies. Some of these movies you may have not seen and there is some movies in 2009 we have yet to see that we know we will be thankful, one in particular, Avatar. We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

#1 – Up

Personifying a wonderful adventure mixed with a tale about life and love, Disney/Pixar’s magic of storytelling continues bringing us the most unlikely hero combination,
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