10 Most Underrated Young Actors

Cinema is filled with multi-talented young actors who bring to life all types of characters. Sometimes, a role is given to the wrong guy - just because he has the looks (pin-up pretty, looks awesome wearing trunks) and the connection (a powerful talent agent at his side). But when the role is given to the right guy - moviegoers get to witness something unique, memorable and powerful, even magical. Anyway, even the 'right guy' needs an agent, of course...

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- - - Underrated versus Overrated: If you've watched Jumper, then you'll notice the difference between Jamie Bell and Hayden Christensen - Bell has undeniable screen presence, I can't say the same with Hayden. It could have been different if Tom Sturridge was retained to play Hayden's part. Anyway, who am I to argue? Christensen has more box office appeal than the relatively unknown Sturridge, but acting-wise?

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