Interview: Shauna Macdonald/Natalie Mendoza

[/link] > The Descent > Lionsgate Films > Official Trailer Taking in about nine million U.S. dollars (about twice the film’s budget) in its opening weekend, and coming in fifth overall at the box office (behind four domestic summer blockbusters), The Descent now begins its second week of a nationwide North American. Starring an all-female cast, The Descent is the story of six women, who on a thrill-seeking girls-only weekend, enter and underground cave system deep in the Appalachian Mountains and are forced to battle a breed of flesh eating humanoid predators perfectly adapted to living in the pitch black subterranean environment. Directed by Neil Marshall, whose 2002 film Dog Soldiers has already achieved cult status, The Descent is the most original and scariest horror films to come along in years. It has already achieved critical and financial success overseas, thanks to an intelligent script, outstanding direction and cinematography,
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