Hudson Takes Aim At West End Stage Debut

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Hudson Takes Aim At West End Stage Debut
nm0117146 autoKate Hudson[/link] is calling on theatre bosses in tt0449061 autoLondon[/link] to cast her in a West End play.

The actress fell in love with the stage when she was learning how to act, but has never had the opportunity to try her hand at theatre professionally.

Hudson is now keen to make her live debut, and used her recent trip to tt0449061 autoLondon[/link] to promote new movie nm2704610 autoFool's Gold[/link] to tout her talents.

She says, "I've thought about that. I have plans to do theatre eventually.

"Growing up, when I started being interested in acting I was always on a stage. I definitely would (love the chance), absolutely.

"It would be nice to do something original, like an original play."

Hudson, a single mum, insists the timing would have to be perfect: "It all comes down to timing and my son and (ex-husband) Chris (Robinson) and scheduling but it would be brilliant."

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