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The South-East Asian Individuals that won an Oscar

After the films from the area that won an Oscar, it is time to present the individual awards. As you will see, the winners are many since they have begun netting the golden statue since 1954.

Haing S. Ngor from Cambodia won in 1984 the Oscar for Actor in a Supporting Role, for “The Killing Fields

Miyoshi Umeki from Japan won in 1957 the Oscar for Actress in a Supporting Role, for “Sayonara”.

Ang Lee from Taiwan won twice the Oscar for Best Director, in 2005 for “Brokeback Mountain” and in 2012 for Life of Pi. He was the first Asian to win in this particular category.

Peter Pau from Hong Kong won in 2000 the Oscar for Best Cinematography, for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

Timmy Yip from Hong Kong won in 2000 the Oscar for Best Art Direction, for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

Sanjo Wada from Japan won in 1954 the Oscar for Best Costume Design, for
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Ghibli’s Isao Takahata declines invitation from the Oscar Academy

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences extended an invitation towards the director and co-founder of Studio Ghibli last summer, after his nomination for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year, for “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”. However, the 81-year-old filmmaker declined, citing that he is “being too busy at work”

In that aspect, the Academy’s recent effort to promote diversity seems to have started quite some time before the recent ruckus.

Hayao Miyazaki has received an invitation at least four times, and the third co-founder of Studio Ghibli, Toshio Suzuki, received one in 2014. However, Miyzaki and Kunio Kato are the only Japanese directors to win an Oscar, the first for “Spirited Away” and the second for the animation short “The House of Small Cubes”.

This year, the Academy has nominated Hiromasa Yonebashi’s “When Marnie Was There”, the latest production from Studio Ghibli.
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