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TV tonight: how Nigel Farage pulled off Brexit

  • The Guardian - TV News
Christian Trumble paints a convincing picture of the arch-leaver as a canny political operator. Plus: a two-hour special on Tupac’s murder. Here’s what to watch this evening

The director Christian Trumble paints a convincing picture of Nigel Farage not as a pint-drinking caricature in a pinstripe suit, but rather a canny political operator in the months following his success with the Brexit party in the 2019 European elections. As Boris Johnson is seen readying the Conservative party for another general election, Trumble documents Farage’s loosening grip on power and questions his continuing motivation for putting himself in the spotlight. Ammar Kalia
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UK Election Exit Poll: Boris Johnson On Course For Huge Victory

  • Deadline
UK Election Exit Poll: Boris Johnson On Course For Huge Victory
Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is on course to triumph in a defining British election, according to a dramatic exit poll.

The poll, commissioned by the BBC, ITV and Sky News, predicts that Johnson will secure a majority of 368 seats in the UK Houses of Parliament, with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party way behind on 191. That would give the Conservatives a majority of 86 seats — its biggest victory since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

If the poll turns out to be correct, it would represent a thumping victory for Johnson, handing him a major mandate to get a Brexit deal done on his terms, strike a trade agreement with U.S. President Donald Trump and implement his policies on issues including the National Health Service.

In contrast, the result would be a disaster for Labour. It could be the biggest fall in the party’s vote share in history and its worst result since 1935.

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British Politicians & Broadcasters Are Trading Blows In An Increasingly Fraught Election Campaign

  • Deadline
Update, 11.50Am GMT: British politicians and broadcasters are at each other’s throats in what is becoming an increasingly fraught general election campaign in the UK.

There is currently a laundry list of disputes between the BBC, Channel 4 and the two main candidates to be prime minister: Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party.

The wrangles, which hit a new level on Thursday, are also raising serious questions about the impartiality of the BBC, with audience anger spilling over on Twitter as the hashtag #bbcimpartiality trended for most of the day.

Here’s a quick rundown of three live arguments:

Channel 4 replaces Boris Johnson with ice sculpture

Channel 4 hosted a televised debate about the climate emergency on Thursday. The leaders of all major parties were invited, with Corbyn and Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson turning up.

Johnson decided against attending, however, and
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TV tonight: the motivations of Britain’s longest-serving murderer

  • The Guardian - TV News
John Massey undergoes genetic and psychological examination; Nigel Farage answers questions from Ranvir Singh. Plus: Gino’s Italian Express

Is it nature or nurture that makes people kill? This is the somewhat fantastical question posed in this three-parter, examining the motivations of Britain’s longest-serving murderer, John Massey. Massey is subjected to genetic and psychological examination by experts to see what exactly drove him to kill a nightclub bouncer in 1975. It is humanising in parts – especially when Massey confronts his childhood – yet the biological tests can be objectifying in their search for a definitive answer. Ammar Kalia
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TV tonight: Jeremy Paxman returns to ask politicians what went wrong

  • The Guardian - TV News
The former Newsnight attack dog seems genuinely aggrieved as he grills a rogues’ gallery. Plus, Celebrity Masterchef. Here’s what to watch this evening

Call it a jeremiad: Newsnight’s former attack dog opens by ripping strips off prominent targets Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage. But after that initial barrage, Paxo seems genuinely aggrieved while grilling a rogues’ gallery – including Jonathan Aitken, Alastair Campbell and Ann Widdecombe – to work out how UK politics became so pestilent. His glum thesis is followed by a debate hosted by Jeremy Vine entitled Are Our Politicians Up to the Job? The answer seems fairly flipping obvious. Graeme Virtue
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Nigel Farage furious over TV show assassinating 'Neil Fromage'

The Brexit party leader has slammed Channel 4 for their ‘totally sick’ show Year of the Rabbit, in which a right-wing campaigner gets shot in the head

Nigel Farage has spoken out against Channel 4 for a “totally sick” scene in the comedy Year of The Rabbit that shows a right-wing campaigner named Neil Fromage being shot in the head.

The Brexit party leader called the moment in the Matt Berry-starring spoof show, in which the character of Fromage is killed while giving an anti-immigration speech, “totally sick and frankly irresponsible”.

Related: Toast star Matt Berry: 'Nobody wants to hear about my psychic wound'
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Bigmouth strikes again and again: why Morrissey fans feel so betrayed

Once his songs of loneliness and shyness made him a hero to misfits and outsiders. Yet now he is voicing his support for a far-right party

It was once a hearing aid, or a swinging bunch of gladioli. In the 80s Morrissey had a unique way with stage props – let’s face it, he had a unique way with everything – utilising them to upend the macho cliche of live performance while offering solidarity to the marginalised.

These days, however, Morrissey prefers a different kind of onstage provocation. During a recent performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (and at a number of live shows in New York), the former Smiths singer sported a For Britain badge. For those unfamiliar with it, For Britain is a far-right political party. Even Nigel Farage believes it is made up of “Nazis and racists”.

For those of us whose difficult teenage years were
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Exposing the tinpot emperors like Nigel Farage | Letters

Martin Treacy and Stan Labovitch say the media and politicians have a responsibility to unmask the Brexit party leader’s empty policies

John Crace’s outstanding article about Nigel Farage (13 May) is rightly titled online as “a terrifying glimpse of our possible future”. It is quite conceivable that a collapsed Tory party could lead to Farage’s Brexit party gaining a 35%-40% vote share at the next general election, with its ultra-clear message of “Brexit betrayal”.

Our voting system means that widely distributed votes at a low vote share gain few or even no seats to reflect the millions of votes cast. But this ratio flips as the vote share nears 30%; a share approaching 40% could easily allow the Brexit party to command a Commons majority. Don’t say it can’t happen – we’ve seen 40% of Us voters consistently support Trump. Prime minister Farage is a real risk.

Continue reading.
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Al Murray: ‘If comics become respectable, they’re no longer funny’

The comedian, 50, on campaigning against Nigel Farage, working hard at being a standup and why he loves playing in a band

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with my degree [in history, at Oxford]. I knew I didn’t want to commute like my dad did, and that was the extent of my ambition. Now, though, I have to drive to Manchester and Hull and wherever to do gigs. So I’ve probably spent more time travelling than he ever did in an attempt to avoid that. That’s life.

I had really fluctuating self-confidence as a teenager, and performance is a way of controlling how you present yourself, and how you’re seen. I did a lot of acting in school, and I played in bands, too.

We’re supposed to be making mischief, flicking Vs at things
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‘The Brink’ Film Review: Steve Bannon Doc Exposes the Rot of His Anti-Semitic Strategies

  • The Wrap
‘The Brink’ Film Review: Steve Bannon Doc Exposes the Rot of His Anti-Semitic Strategies
Given his skill at manipulating the press, it’s totally understandable why Steve Bannon would agree to or even embrace being the subject of not just one but multiple documentaries. But where Errol Morris’ 2018 film “American Dharma” aimed to interrogate and deconstruct Bannon’s poisonous philosophies head on, “The Brink” embeds filmmaker Alison Klayman (“Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry”) in his daily life for months on end, observing his methods, and eventually, exposing the efficacy of tactics that have rhetorical foundations built on quicksand.

Following Bannon as he drifts both politically and professionally from the good graces of “reputable” Republicans while positing himself as a proponent and prognosticator of their increasingly divisive values, Klayman’s film showcases the qualities that make Stephen Bannon such an effective political strategist even as it suggests that its success is as likely to eat his own future alive as the future of democracy itself.

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How HBO’s ‘Brexit’ Explains Britain’s Political Chaos — And Ours

Brexit, the HBO docudrama premiering tomorrow about Britain’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union, arrives at an unexpectedly timely moment. Three years ago, most of the world was shocked when a slim margin of the country’s population, angry over trade deals and immigration, edged out those wanting to maintain the status quo of economic partnership with their neighbors. In the last few days, the tumult that decision unlocked has spiked: British Parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s muddled plan for a March exit, May barely survived a
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Movie Review – Brexit: The Uncivil War (2019)

Brexit: The Uncivil War, 2019.

Directed by Toby Haynes.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Rory Kinnear, John Heffernan, Gavin Spokes, Liz White, Kyle Soller, Simon Paisley Day, Paul Ryan, Lee Boardman, Nicholas Day, Richard Goulding, Oliver Maltman, Richard Durden and Aden Gillett.


Political strategist Dominic Cummings leads a popular but controversial campaign to convince British voters to leave the European Union from 2015 up until the present day.

Attempting to capture any political series of events on film while they remain in-flux is, depending on your perspective, either enormously foolish or terrifically brave. Brexit: The Uncivil War at least seems acutely aware of this paradox, and with the UK’s fate still hanging in the balance at the time of this review, perhaps a refresher course in the circumstances surrounding the inexplicable Leave result is just what the country needs.

The story of Brexit is framed around Dominic Cummings, a shrewd and possibly
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'They've turned Michael Gove into a vacillating fool' – politicians on Brexit: The Uncivil War

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as leave campaigner Dominic Cummings in a contentious new TV film. What do the people who were at the centre of the drama really think of it?

Dominic Cummings, the campaign director for Vote Leave, doesn’t just feature in James Graham’s scintillating new film about Brexit – he takes over it. Brilliantly brought to life by Benedict Cumberbatch, the Cummings we see on screen is impulsive, implacable and virtually impossible to read. What were his motivations for wrenching Britain out of Europe? Even Graham admits to being unsure still. Brexit: The Uncivil War depicts Cummings as a man loathed by the MPs on the Vote Leave board who try to get him fired, loathed even more by Arron Banks, Nigel Farage and the more nationalistic Leave.EU campaigners … and yet deeply attractive in all his disruptive glory.

But is this portrayal of the uncompromising strategist accurate?
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Trailer: ‘Brexit’ (The Movie) Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

‘Everyone knows who won. Not everyone knows how.’ HBO Films has debuted the very first trailer for their Brexit film starring Benedict Cumberbatch which is set for release in 2019. The Brexit movie trailer can be viewed on YouTube via the player below.

YouTube/HBO Films Brexit movie trailer lands – Benedict Cumberbatch leads the cast

The film, a co-production with Channel 4, directed Toby Haynes and written by James Graham, is set to debut on 19th January, so not too long to wait until it hits the small screen.

Here’s the official blurb:

The result of the Brexit referendum in summer 2016 caused a political earthquake that laid waste to the normally stable British establishment and sent political tremors around the world. Cumberbatch portrays Dominic Cummings, who spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign. Rory Kinnear plays Craig Oliver, Prime Minister David Cameron’s director of communications and head of the Remain campaign.
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‘Late Show’ Newsman Can’t Tell the Difference Between the ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon and Trump Himself (Video)

‘Late Show’ Newsman Can’t Tell the Difference Between the ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon and Trump Himself (Video)
“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” typically begins with a cold open sketch poking fun and/or insulting Trump and his fellow Republicans.

Tuesday’s opening sketch, which featured “Late Show” writer Brian Stack as a British news anchor on a fake news show, which was a clever setup since “The Late Show” immediately follows local news in many markets.

In the bit, Stack’s fake newsman talked about the large balloon depicting Donald Trump as a baby that will fly over London when he visits the city this weekend.

Also Read: Colbert Hopes Trump Learns the Right Lesson From the Thai Cave Rescue: 'Freeing Children Makes People Like You' (Video)

“Welcome back to the evening news. On the day President Trump embarked on his trip to Europe for the Nato summit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan allowed an unflattering depiction of President Trump and here with his opinion, Nigel Farage,
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‘Skyfall’s Rory Kinnear & ‘The Crown’s John Heffernan Join Benedict Cumberbatch’s C4 Drama ‘Brexit’

‘Skyfall’s Rory Kinnear & ‘The Crown’s John Heffernan Join Benedict Cumberbatch’s C4 Drama ‘Brexit’
Skyfall star Rory Kinnear and The Crown’s John Heffernan have joined Benedict Cumberbatch-fronted drama Brexit (w/t) as the first image of the Sherlock star, without his long locks, has been unveiled.

Filming has begun on the two-hour drama special, produced by Tessa Ross and Juliette Howell’s House Productions for Channel 4.

Kinnear, who has also starred in The Imitation Game and Black Mirror stars as Craig Oliver, Prime Minister David Cameron’s Director of Communications, who was brought in to oversee the Remain campaign’s communications strategy, while Heffernan, who played John Grigg, 2nd Baron Altrincham in Netflix’s royal drama, stars as Matthew Elliott, political lobbyist and Chief Executive of Vote Leave.

They join Cumberbatch, who stars as Dominic Cummings, the leading strategist and Campaign Director of Vote Leave.

Elsewhere, Call The Midwife star Liz White plays Mary Wakefield, a journalist and Dominic Cummings’ wife
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Love Island is a Rorschach test: see what you want to see | Jane Merrick

It’s daft to see too much meaning in the show. Just lie back and enjoy it, like the contestants...

On Friday, an evicted Love Island contestant appeared on Daily Politics alongside Nigel Farage and Alastair Campbell to talk about Brexit. Hayley Hughes, from Liverpool, has achieved fame and notoriety beyond the show’s traditional audience for not knowing what Brexit means, before asking on the reality TV series whether it will lead to fewer trees in the UK. But her appearance on Daily Politics had more to do with the fact that, for those in Westminster not preoccupied with the World Cup, a not insignificant proportion of the political class is obsessed with another summer knockout tournament: the grafting, coupling up and mugging off of a group of suntanned under-30s in a villa in Mallorca.

This obsession is not confined to Westminster: this year’s Love Island is
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'How about someone politicians are scared of?': readers on the new Question Time host

Guardian commenters have suggested their ideal replacements for outgoing host David Dimbleby and come up with an intriguing list of outsiders and fierce interviewers

With David Dimbleby announcing that he will step down from chairing Question Time, the BBC’s political TV show is looking for a replacement. Guardian writers have listed the runners and riders and readers have been commenting with their own suggestions. Some contenders included Alan Partridge, Jeremy Kyle and Nigel Farage, with others recommending that the show should be scrapped. Here are some of your notable favourites and the reasons for choosing them.

Continue reading...
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The week in TV: Carry on Brussels; A Very English Scandal; 24 Hours in Police Custody; Humans

A Europe exposé manages to lend some credibility to Farage, while the Jeremy Thorpe drama is a classy indictment of our not-too-distant past

Carry on Brussels (C4) | All 4

A Very English Scandal (BBC One) | iPlayer

24 Hours in Police Custody (C4) | All 4

Humans (C4) | All 4

Among Nigel Farage’s many traits, one has been his capacity, even amid all the sly dissembling and slithery fearmongering, for sudden bursts of appalling, appealing, refreshing honesty. It almost endears him even to his legions of detractors. So it was little surprise to hear him, at the start of a nakedly revealing three-parter on the EU, saying of that institution: “In some ways I’m going to miss it. I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun doing this… it’s been terrific!” And there you have it: Brexit has been a game, a joke, a dream. Fine. Can we wake up now?
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Carry on Brussels review – a sorry slice of EU parliament life

A Labour Mep holds up a funny sign, the Snp’s man frets over free wine and Ukip’s Gerard Batten hones his Partridge-esque victimhood. It’s tragic, comic and teeth-grindingly frustrating

The European parliament is “one of the most misunderstood institutions in the world”, argues Carry on Brussels, a fly-on-the-wall documentary that exists in a kind of paradox. Had more effort been made to explain exactly what MEPs do prior to 2016, then Brexit voters might not have been so convinced of their uselessness; then again, a film about an institution running smoothly and fairly doesn’t pack a sufficient dramatic punch. So here we are, fiddling while Brussels burns – for the UK, at least. Director Christian Trumble spins comedy and tragedy into a watchable, if at times teeth-grindingly frustrating three-part series that pulls off a remarkably balanced portrait of seven MEPs from across the political spectrum, all working to very different ends.
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