Richard Gere Honored At Star-Studded City Harvest 2019 Gala

Last week, City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization, hosted City Harvest: The 2019 Gala and raised $4.1 million — enough to provide over 14 million meals to New Yorkers in need.

Richard Gere is Honored at City Harvest: The 2019 Gala

The electric-rock-themed event, which took place at Cipriani 42nd Street, was hosted by Chrissy Teigen, TV host, model, and bestselling author, and Antoni Porowski, Emmy Award-winning TV personality, actor, food expert, author and restaurateur. Both are members of City Harvest’s Food Council, a group of culinary experts and top chefs dedicated to supporting and spreading awareness of City Harvest’s mission.

The evening honored individuals who have shown tremendous commitment to supporting City Harvest’s work to feed the more than 1.2 million New Yorkers who struggle to put meals on their tables.

Richard Gere was presented with the Misook Doolittle Heart of the City Award. As an activist for humanitarian issues around the globe,
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Darren Criss To Perform At City Harvest 2019 Gala

Darren Criss will perform at City Harvest: The 2019 Gala Presents “Electric Rock”.

City Harvest: The 2019 Gala Presents “Electric Rock” is the organization’s 36th annual gala to support their work to rescue good food that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to New Yorkers in need.

Darren joins a stellar evening hosted by Chrissy Teigen and Antoni Porowski. Honorees: Richard Gere, Golden Globe Award-winning actor and activist; Marc Granetz, Mg, Chief Administrative Officer, JPMorgan Chase and City Harvest board member, and his wife Kris Granetz; and Michael White, Michelin-Starred chef and owner of the Altamarea Group. Additional guests to include Geoffrey & Margaret Zakarian, Ted Allen, Aldo Sohm, Angie Mar, Bill Telepan, Dana Cowin, Dominique Ansel, Markus Glocker, Michael Anthony, Pat Lafrieda, Simon Kim, Alfred Portale, Salt Bae and others.

When: Tuesday, April 30th

Where: Cipriani 42nd Street

110 East 42nd Street

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From: http://www.
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Stars Attend City Harvest's 35th Anniversary Gala

Last week in New York, City Harvest hosted their 35th Anniversary Gala, which raised funds to support City Harvest’s anti-hunger programs.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Join Richard Gere and others

Credit/Copyright: Getty Images

Hosted by The Chew’s Clinton Kelly, the event commemorated the organization’s 35 year history feeding New York City, and paid tribute to the efforts of individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to help City Harvest feed hungry New Yorkers. Honorees including Chrissy Teigen, José Andrés, Wendy & Bill Mills and Robin Hood, the poverty fighting organization.

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich

Credit/Copyright: Getty Images

VIP guests included Ted Allen, Donatella Arpaia, Ron Ben-Israel, Emma Bengtsson, Jonathan Cheban, Michael Chernow, Michelle Collins, Katie Couric and Jack Mulner, Dana Cowin, Richard Gere, Markus Glocker, Marc Glosserman, Crystal Hunt, Ja Rule, John Legend, Angie Mar, Marc Murphy, Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich,
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Chrissy Teigen To Be Honored At City Harvest 35th Anniversary Gala

City Harvest will host its 35th Anniversary Gala to support the organization’s work to rescue good food that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to New Yorkers in need.

Honorees include José Andrés, Bill & Wendy Mills, Robin Hood, and Chrissy Teigen. The event will be hosted by Clinton Kelly.

Additional guests to include: Ted Allen, Donatella Arpaia, Ron Ben-Israel, Emma Bengtsson, Michael Chernow, Michelle Collins, Dana Cowin, Richard Gere, Markus Glocker, Marc Glosserman, John Legend, Angie Mar, Danny Meyer, Marc Murphy, Jason Pfiefer, Molly Ringwald, Jean Reno, Eric Ripert, Aldo Sohm, Bill Telepan, Geoffrey Zakarian, and others…

When: Tuesday, April 24th

Media Check-In: 5:30 Pm

Cocktails: 6:30 Pm

Awards, Dinner: 7:30 Pm

Where: Cipriani 42nd Street

110 East 42nd Street

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Top Chefs Gather For City Harvest

City Harvest's 35th Anniversary Gala is set to take place at Cipriani 42nd Street on April 24th. José Andrés, Bill & Wendy Mills, Robin Hood, and Chrissy Teigen will be honored during the evening.

The gala raises funds to support City Harvest’s work rescuing good food that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to New Yorkers in need.

The 35th Anniversary Gala Benefit Committee includes Alex Guarnaschelli, Anita Lo, Bill Telepan, Dana Cowin, Dominique Ansel, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Marc Murphy, Margaret and Geoffrey Zakarian, Rocco Dispirito, Ron Ben-Israel, Scott Conant, and Ted Allen.


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Here Are AMC, Bravo, WEtv Winter 2015-2016 Premiere and Return Dates

Break out your special Daryl Dixon-themed calendar, 'cause it's time to mark down some premiere and return dates. Winter schedules were recently released for multiple networks, including AMC, Bravo, Crackle, Starz, and WEtv. On the AMC side, you'll get the 2016 return date for "The Walking Dead" Season 6, after its midseason break. Over on Bravo, we have reminders on premiere dates for "Top Chef" Season 13 and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 6, among others.

Here are highlights from the networks's winter schedules:


o. "The Walking Dead" Season 6B Premieres Sunday, February 14th at 9:00Pm Et/Pt

Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, "The Walking Dead" reigns as television's most watched drama for Adults 18-49. "The Walking Dead" tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse, and follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes,
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'Top Chef' eliminated contestant talks strong audience reaction: 'It's wild, honestly'

'Top Chef' eliminated contestant talks strong audience reaction: 'It's wild, honestly'
Spoiler Alert: Don’t keep reading unless you want to know who was eliminated from Top Chef last night.

That sound you hear isn’t Josh twirling his mustache because he has the fry-est chicken in the land. It’s the sound of Top Chef fans everywhere reacting to the elimination of chef-testant Josie Smith-Malave — some with anger, and some (#teamjosie) with sighs. Last night’s episode saw Chef Josie slip up on the fried chicken challenge, which the judges found too greasy. EW checked in with her about Kristen-gate, audience reaction and what’s next.

Entertainment Weekly: What was it like,
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Top Chef: Seattle Episode 3 “Tom vs. Emeril: Turkeypocalypse” Preview And Chef Bios

As I’m sure you know, it’s that time again. The time when cheftestants throw their hats in the ring and battle over quickfires, restaurant wars, ridiculous time constraints, and the drama of trying to outdo each other.

Top Chef, the Bravo staple that is committed to driving viewers with DVRs crazy by changing the name of the show every season, is already two episodes deep, and the third is coming your way tonight. As is the case every year, while the chefs are making a mad dash to prove themselves before they get sent home so early that no one will remember them, viewers are racing to figure out who is worth rooting for (because they have a chance of sticking around), and who is the token crazy person the producers are going to make sure stays long enough to boost the drama ratings.

The preview for tonight
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Top Chef Texas Recap: Attack The Block Party

It’s Top Chef Texas episode 12 entitled “Block Party”, and to be perfectly up front, this recap is gonna be all downhill after that opening cat photo, as will the entire rest of my writing career and possibly life. But we’re in this season Together, dammit, so I’ll type some nonsense words about that episode we just saw and you can follow along and keep scrolling back up to that cat pic when you get bored. Deal? Breaking News: Paul has just been named the winner of this Top Chef season via Mercy Rule. Congrats, Paul! Top Chef will be moving on to the next season starting next week. Seems only fair. Wait, actually I’ve been misinformed. What I actually heard was, Ron Paul has been named the winner of this Top Chef season via Mercy Rule. Actually no, this source might be unreliable. I’ve actually
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Top Chef Recap: Restaurant Wars And Fish Peace-es

This is a Recap of Top Chef All-Stars (Season 8), Episode 7, entitled “Restaurant Wars: One Night only”, originally airing January 19th, 2011. It contains spoilers about penises, just Fyi. For the Quickfire, we head to Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin to meet the mythical folk hero Justo Thomas, the fish prepper who butchers “1000 pounds of fish every day” and when he’s out it takes “three trained sous chefs to do his job.” He also pulls crooked roads straight, drinks gasoline and farts Dom, and built the Empire State Building by hand as a life-sized replica of his d*ck. After a bunch of hobos spin yarns about Justo’s superhuman filleting feats, Bourdain declares “I think we know what comes next. That’s right – guest judge Jimmy Breslin will give you a New York street number and you have to cook a dish that represents the essence of that number, because
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“Top Chef: Just Desserts” Recap: “Yigit Pura’s Day Off”

We open on Danielle sitting in bed, gazing at her face in a tiny compact mirror with fierce concentration. Let’s just say that if she used an ounce of the same focus and determination in the challenges that she’s using to pop this zit, she’d be a shoo-in to win this thing. Then she proceeds to apply her makeup, using one of those horrifying metal contraptions women like to use to curl their lashes, all in full view of the four other chefs sitting around her.

Why certain people have no qualms about performing personal grooming rituals in public is beyond me; I’m absolutely baffled and disgusted when I see people doing this sort of thing on the subway. And notice I said “people” and not “women” – I live in New York City, and believe me, the men are equal offenders.

For some inexplicable reason, the
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Top Chef Season 7 Finale Recap: You Chose Singa-Poorly

This is a Recap of the Top Chef Season 7 Finale (aka Top Chef D.C.), originally airing September 15, 2010. If you read on, I will vomit spoilers all over you like some Informational Angelo. I should’ve known we were in for a rough episode when the Viewing Guide had a typo in it: Part 2 of the Finale picks up right where we left off, and I mean right where we left off, like seconds after Kelly’s elimination — when did this become Breaking Bad? — and Padma calls the chefs back to Judge’s Table for another surprise. Oh man, what’s it gonna be?? Maybe they’re gonna have to cook right here and now, using only their hands and what they’re wearing, and Ed’s gonna be like “I was planning for this so I kept a lobster in my pocket. I hope you die, Angelo. I have a sarcastic sense of humor.
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'Top Chef' finale recap: And the winner is...

'Top Chef' finale recap: And the winner is...
Well, Top Chef fans, we’ve finally reached the end of another season. I know many of you have bemoaned how much the last 13 weeks dragged on, but on some levels, it flew by for me. Without a deep connection to the cheftestants, and with Tiffany (Aka the only hope for a happy ending) booted just before the finale, I was freed up from the usual anxiety that comes from having a strong rooting interest. Stir in a plethora of unanswered questions (mail-order bride or not?), and I found there was even less reason to emotionally invest.

But, hey, just
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'Top Chef: DC' Season 7, Episode 12 Recap

  • Aol TV.
'Top Chef: DC' Season 7, Episode 12 Recap
Filed under: Recaps, Summer TV

['Top Chef' -- 'Gastro-Nauts']

Twelve episodes into this seventh season of 'Top Chef' and we're still being treated to little nuggets of info about the remaining cheftestants. Angelo, for instance, got divorced last year and has a son. (An interesting development since, in a recent episode, he talked about wanting to win the prize money so he could bring his fiancée over from Russia.)

And, Kelly, who seems to smoke at every possible opportunity, has never been away from her husband, Rick, for more than a few days. Whatever. There's no time to wallow here, folks: The last two challenges before the finale are upon you. Shake a leg.

Dana Cowin, the editor in chief of 'Food & Wine' magazine is waiting in the kitchen with Padma Lakshmi to explain the final Quickfire Challenge: The chefs have to choose a wine from the selection in front of them
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'Top Chef' recap: D.C., we have a problem

Congrats to Top Chef for taking home an Emmy last Sunday and upsetting seven-time champ The Amazing Race! But the excitement only reiterated just how friggin’ awesome last season was. Last season’s chefs — the Voltaggio brothers and my girl Jen — seriously out-shine D.C.’s less-stellar cooks.

But I’m not going to get all negative Nancy on you because last night, we finally got — dare I say it—an exciting episode. All five cheftestants—Angelo, Kelly, Tiffany, Ed and Kevin — are pretty much on the same level, and the only thing separating them at this point is motivation,
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Kevin Goes Whole Hog for Top Chef Win

Top Chef was all about the pairings on Wednesday's show -– and we're not talking about a partner challenge. This week, the chefs had to match a pinot noir with a pork dish and cook for a large crowd at an event with a tough guest judge to boot. All in all, a pretty satisfying episode packed with plenty of drama outside the kitchen too. Quickfire: That exacting judge was Charlie Palmer who announced this week's Quickfire challenge. Palmer may be recognizable to foodies -- but the restaurant mogul was also very familiar to Bryan and Michael Voltaggio, who have both worked for him before. The other chefs were equally daunted and warned about his demanding palate. As for the challenge, the competitors had to create a dish that would pair perfectly with a snack food. (Think onion rings or chips!) Among the best: Bryan, who made a steak dish
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2009 Aspen Food & Wine Classic Kicks Off This Weekend

The 27th Annual Food & Wine Classic kicks off this weekend in Aspen. Some top culinary superstars will be on hand to share their favorite recipes, techniques, and trade secrets with over 5,000 food lovers.

Celebrity chefs Mario Batali, Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and Jacques Pepin will be holding cooking demonstrations. De Laurentiis will be presenting Giada's Kitchen, while Flay will demonstrate how to cook the perfect burger, fries and shakes. Batali, along with Nancy Silverton, will show various ways to prepare mozzarella.

The event will offer over 80 cooking and wine seminars, 50,000 bottles of wine to sample and hundreds of exhibitors previewing their latest and greatest products.

The Classic Quickfire will see Bravo's "Top Chef" winners competing against each other. "Top Chef: New York" winner Hosea Rosenberg will battle "Top Chef: Chicago" winner Stephanie Izzard in the kitchen for "Top Chef" judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons, alongside Editor in Chief Dana Cowin.
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