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Delta Air Lines wants "more detail" from man who says he was "sucked through the toilet hole"

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Delta Air Lines, a company so ramshackle it calls itself D-list in its very name, is not having a good week. Just yesterday, as Gizmodo’s Tom McKay reported, an engine on one of its old as hell planes gave out in a very frightening manner, forcing a freaked-out group of passengers into an emergency landing. Later in…
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The Nation Contributor Thrown in Twitter Jail After Doxxing Stephen Miller: ‘This is War’

David Klion, a left wing journalist and contributor for The Nation found himself in Twitter jail for 12 hours after tweeting out Stephen Miller’s cell phone number. The writer said he obtained the number from Splinter, which doxxed the senior White House aide in this article.

Miller’s cell number was disconnected as of 4 p.m Et Wednesday when TheWrap tried to call.

In an interview with TheWrap, Klion — who has also written for the New York Times and The Guardian — said he had no regrets about his decision to employ the move, which many online view as a nuclear option.

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“This is war,” said Klion. “I think that what is happening right now at the border is child abuse. It is systematic child abuse. It is racist child abuse. It is being carried out for cynical political purposes.
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Film Acquisition Rundown: Gkids Picks Up ‘Mune: The Guardian of the Moon,’ FilmRise Grabs Three New Features

Film Acquisition Rundown: Gkids Picks Up ‘Mune: The Guardian of the Moon,’ FilmRise Grabs Three New Features
Keep up with the wild and wooly world of indie film acquisitions with our weekly Rundown of everything that’s been picked up around the globe. Check out last week’s Rundown here.

– Gkids, the producer and distributor of award-winning animation for both adult and family audiences, announced that it has acquired the North American distribution rights for the forthcoming animated feature “Mune: The Guardian of the Moon.” The French film is from the producers of the 2016 animated feature “The Little Prince” and will be released theatrically in early 2017, in a new English language version. The film was directed by Alexandre Heboyan and Benoît Philippon.

The film takes place “in a fantastical world where a young faun named Mune is unexpectedly entrusted with the monumental title of Guardian of the Moon.”

“Mune” recently won the Young People’s Jury Award at the Tiff Kids International Film Festival and won Best
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Sci-Fi London 2016: ‘Kill Command’ Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Vanessa Kirby, Thure Lindhart, David Ajala, Tom McKay, Mike Noble, Bentley Kalu, Deborah Rosan, Osi Okerafor | Written and Directed by Steven Gomez

In Kill Command, a group of military meatheads travel to a remote island for a training exercise involving ten-foot-tall combat robots designed to give the soldiers a run for their money but never actually do harm. A spoiler alert shouldn’t be necessary for telling you that within about ten minutes that “do no harm” protocol has been wiped clean.

It’s an uninspired premise and, as expected, the resulting film feels like a shoddy videogame adaptation of Terminator, with exactly the absence of imagination and intensity that comparison implies. I could go into detail about all the film’s flaws: the onslaught of gung-ho action clichés the screenplay delivers like a barrage of bullets; the unironic stereotypes that not even the most enthusiastic performances could salvage (for example,
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First Trailer for UK Sci-Fi Action Man vs Machine 'Kill Command' Movie

"Some programmer screwed up somewhere." Vertigo Films has released the first trailer for Steven Gomez's Kill Command, a science fiction horror thriller about man eating machines pitted against helpless humans - pretty much. The film stars English actress Vanessa Kirby as some kind of cyborg, Danish actor Thure Lindhardt, plus David Ajala, Tom McKay, Bentley Kalu and Mike Noble as an elite unit of Marines that goes in for an exercise and discovers they're in for a death match with some very creepy, nasty robots. This looks kind of awesome! I'm actually looking forward to seeing this, nice surprise sci-fi discovery. The VFX are impressive - I'm kinda creeped out. Everything about it looks solid, might be entertaining. Identify! Here's the first trailer (+UK poster) for Steven Gomez's Kill Command, found via The Movie Box: Kill Command is a sci-fi action thriller set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines.
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Endeavour series 3 episode 4 review: Coda




Endeavour series 3 comes to a moribund end with its final episode, Coda...

This review contains spoilers.

3.4 Coda

The final episode of Endeavour’s third series opens with a funeral. It’s far from unexpected, given that we’ve been noting disturbing hints of impending tragedy ever since we first learnt of Thursday’s failing health. However, the cortege belongs to someone else entirely: local villain Harry Rose, whose mourners are under the surveillance of none other than Thursday and Strange. The scene neatly encapsulates two of the major characteristics of the show in general, and this series in particular. Its melancholy points to sad events yet to come, while highlighting writer Russell Lewis’ taste for allusions to scenes and characters familiar to fans of Inspector Morse. The gangland funeral in Kensal Green cemetery is a direct reference to a scene in the 1991 episode, Promised Land, and the
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Contest: The White Queen: Season 1 Blu-ray: Rebecca Ferguson Reigns

The White Queen: Season Contest Giveaway Sweepstakes. This The White Queen Blu-ray contest, giveaway, sweepstakes illustrates Riddick‘s release on DVD and Blu-ray on February 4, 2014. Starz‘s The White Queen stars Aneurin Barnard, Rebecca Ferguson, Amanda Hale, Faye Marsay, and David Oakes, Max Irons, Tom McKay, Ben [...]

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'Hatfields & McCoys' Star Sues -- I Was Bucked Over On Set ... By Crazy Horse

  • TMZ
The guy who played Jim McCoy on the hit History Channel mini-series "Hatfields & McCoys" claims he was bucked off a horse on the set and suffered serious injuries back in 2011 -- and now he's suing, TMZ has learned. Thomas McKay -- who also stars in "The White Queen" on Starz -- has filed a lawsuit against the producers of "H&M" claiming they lied to his face when they told him he was in good
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The White Queen: "Cancelled" by BBC, No Season Two

Even though Starz just premiered their new TV series, The White Queen, we already know there won't be a second season.

Based on Philippa Gregory's bestselling historical novel series The Cousin’s War, The White Queen tells the story of three very different women as they attempt to scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne. The cast includes Max Irons, James Frain, Rebecca Ferguson, Janet McTeer, Ben Lamb, Amanda Hale, Tom McKay, Aneurin Barnard, David Oakes, Faye Marsay, and Eleanor Tomlinson.

The show is co-financed by the BBC in the United Kingdom and Starz here in the states. The 10-part series began airing on BBC1 in June and completed its run last Sunday night.

According to Broadcast Now, the BBC has maintained that The White Queen was intended to run just one season. However, Gregory had hinted that there
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'The White Queen': Philippa Gregory's novel makes for historical, sexy television

It's never been easy to be a widow, but in the late Middle Ages, a mother left without a husband faced a future fraught with peril for herself and her children. And when that woman was in the middle of a national struggle, it took an extraordinary kind of courage and intelligence to not only survive but to rise.

Premiering Saturday, Aug. 10 (with an advance screening on Friday, Aug. 9) on Starz, the 10-episode limited series "The White Queen" is set in pre-Tudor Britain in 1464, as the nation is embroiled in the Wars of the Roses, a series of dynastic conflicts between the related Houses of Lancaster (symbolized by the red rose) and York (symbolized by the white rose).

The story focuses on British commoner Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), the widow of a supporter of the House of York with two young sons. Through a twist of fate, she is introduced
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"The White Queen"- August 10, 2013

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek new images from "The White Queen", Season 1, airing August 10, 2013 on Starz.

Set in the year 1464, the series is based on a trilogy of books by author Philippa Gregory, narrated through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women - 'Elizabeth Woodville', 'Margaret Beaufort' and 'Anne Neville', who in their quest for power, will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne.

'Edward IV' is crowned 'King of England' with the help of  master manipulator, 'Lord Warwick'. But when Edward falls in love with  'Lancastrian' commoner, 'Elizabeth Woodville', Warwick's plan to control the throne comes crashing down.

Cast includes Aneurin Barnard as 'Richard Duke of Gloucester', Rebecca Ferguson as 'Queen Elizabeth', Amanda Hale as 'Lady Margaret Beaufort', Faye Marsay as 'Anne Neville', David Oakes as 'George Duke of Clarence', Max Irons as 'King Edward', Tom McKay as 'Jasper Tudor', Ben Lamb as 'Anthony Rivers',
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Official Trailer for Starz’s New Limited Series The White Queen

Starz has released a full-length trailer for its new limited series The White Queen. Based on Phillippa Gregory’s best-selling series of novels that dramatize the War of the Roses, the show is told from the perspective of three women who laid claim to the English throne in the mid 15th century: Elizabeth Woodville (The White Queen), Margaret Beaufort (The Red Queen), and Anne Neville (The Kingmaker’s Daughter). It’s clear from this debut trailer that the show is very heavily influenced by the success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the prospect of telling an historical story from a female perspective is certainly promising. Moreover, the “limited series” (ie. miniseries) nature of the show means that Starz will be telling a complete story from beginning to end in 10 episodes. Hit the jump to watch the trailer. The show stars Rebecca Ferguson, Max Irons, Janet McTeer, James Frain,
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First Clip & Images For BBC One’s ‘The White Queen’

There’s a very interesting and major BBC drama on the way that’s set against the iconic backdrop of the War of the Roses. The White Queen is a major new ten hour adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s vivid bestselling historical novel series The Cousin’s War for BBC One.

The White Queen is set to be the thrilling story of the women caught up in the on-going conflict for the throne – they are some of the most ruthless players in history and will stop at nothing to support their own causes and those of the ones they love. The drama airs on Sunday, June 16th at 9pm, on BBC One.

We’ve got the image above from the BBC but also scroll down below for a few stills and with more to come! Check out the brand new episode one clip below:

For those just finding out, here
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First Image and Teaser for The White Queen Starring Max Irons as King Edward IV

The first teaser trailer for The White Queen is now available along with the first image of star Max Irons (The Host) as King Edward IV. The ten-part miniseries is based on the best-selling historical novel The War of the Roses by Philippa Gregory. It centers on the battle that ensues when The House of York's King Edward IV falls for a commoner under The House of Lancaster. Also starring Rebecca Ferguson, Janet McTeer, James Frain, Amanda Hale, Faye Marsay, David Oakes, Eleanor Tomlinson, Aneurin Barnard, Ben Lamb and Tom McKay, the BBC co-production will air on Starz on an as-of-yet undetermined date. Hit the jump to watch the teaser and see the image of Irons, who also stars in this weekend's sci-fi film, The Host. Here's the first teaser and full image of Irons in The White Queen: Here's the press release for The White Queen: The
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Inspire Signs ‘Hatfields & McCoys’Tom McKay

Inspire Signs ‘Hatfields & McCoys’Tom McKay
Inspire Entertainment has signed British actor Tom McKay, who is part of the cast of the History Channel miniseries Hatfields & McCoys that began airing last night. McKay studied at Lamda and his stage credits include the Nicholas Hytner-directed Mother Clap’s Mollyhouse and Henry V, as well as Macbeth and Frost/Nixon on the West End. He made his Gotham stage debut at the Public Theatres in The Great Game: Afghanistan and has appeared in British TV shows that include Mi-5.
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[DVD Review] Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

You could say the Wrong Turn series has gone downhill ever since the first installment. Technically, that argument would be true. A boring and second-rate premise further desiccated by each installment and destined to eventually become so dehydrated in quality that the DVDs they’re recorded on will be best used as jerky. There are numerous ways to chart the decline of the series: recognizable faces, self-awareness within the genre, relevance to its title or production values. By the time the series reached Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead it had failed in each of those areas leaving “fans” of the franchise wholly unsatisfied.

Police officers Nate (Tom Frederic) and Walter (Chucky Venice) comprise the force escorting a bus full of convicts from one prison to another. They decide to take a side route so as to avoid drawing any attention to a high-publicity convict in their care and consequently
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Wrong Turn 3 Gets a Release Date

Straight-to-dvd horror feature "Wrong Turn 3," gets a vague release date. Probably one of the most underrated horror film series "Wrong Turn," and the sequels feature a group of deformed West Virginia hillbillies who have turned to cannibalism to satisfy that burning hunger inside. From director Declan O'Brien expect to see this film in the fall of '09 after all the summer blockbusters have died down. For now have a look at a short clip from the film and when a precise release date is announced the date will be posted here.

A synopsis for "Wrong Turn 3," here...

A group of people find themselves trapped in the backwoods of West Virginia, fighting for their lives against a group of vicious and horribly disfigured inbred cannibals (Internet).

Director: Declan O'Brien.

Writer: Alan B. McElroy and Turi Meyer.

Cast: Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery, Tamer Hassan, Gil Kolirin, Tom McKay, Christian Contreras,
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Red Band Wrong Turn 3 Teaser Trailer

The upcoming direct-to-disc horror flick, Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, now has a gore-filled red band trailer. Directed by Declan O'Brien, the film arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray later this year and stars Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery, Tamer Hassan, Gil Kolirin, Bill Moody, Mike Straub, Chucky Venice and Tom McKay. It pretty much follows the same plot as the previous Wrong Turn’s - a group of people find themselves trapped in the backwoods of West Virginia, fighting for their lives against a group of vicious and horribly disfigured inbred cannibals.
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