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Norway selects Hans Petter Moland’s ‘Out Stealing Horses’ as Oscar submission

Norway selects Hans Petter Moland’s ‘Out Stealing Horses’ as Oscar submission
The film launched at the 2019 Berlinale.

Norway has chosen Hans Petter Moland’s flashback drama Out Stealing Horses as its submission for the best international feature award at the 2020 Oscars.

The film launched in Competition at the 2019 Berlinale, where it won the Silver Bear for outstanding artistic contribution for Thomas Hardmeier and Rasmus Videbæk’s joint cinematography.

The story is split between 1999, where self-isolated Trond discovers a new neighbour from his past, and Trond’s memories of 1948, when he turned 15 and his father prepared him for his forthcoming disappearance.

It is an adaptation of Per Petterson’s acclaimed 2003 Norwegian novel of the same name,
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‘Sonja: The White Swan’

‘Sonja: The White Swan’
Sundance 2019: ‘Sonja: The White Swan’Review by Peter BelsitoSonja Henie (8 April 1912–12 October 1969) was a Norwegian figure skater and film star.

She was a three-time Olympic Champion(1928, 1932, 1936) in Ladies’ Singles, a ten-time World Champion (1927–1936) and a six-time European Champion (1931–1936). Henie won more Olympic and World titles than any other ladies’ figure skater.

At the height of her acting career, Sonja Henie was one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood and starred in a series of box-office hits, including Thin Ice (1937), My Lucky Star (1938), Second Fiddle (1939) and Sun Valley Serenade (1941)

When the Norwegian figure skater arrived in Hollywood, she was a talent the industry had never seen before, or since — a three-time Olympic ladies’ singles champion (a record she continues to hold) whose chipper, if chilly romantic comedy hits kept Twentieth Century-Fox solvent in the build-up to World War II, in part because she phoned up her pal Joseph
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Sf Studios Unveils International Trailer For ‘Amundsen’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Sf Studios has unveiled the international trailer for “Amundsen,” the high-profile Norwegian adventure and biopic drama about Arctic explorer Roald Amundsen which is directed by Espen Sandberg.

Now in post-production, “Amundsen” is headlined by Pål Sverre Hagen (“Kon-Tiki”) who stars as Amundsen, the legendary explorer who was the first to reach the South and the North Poles. Sverre Hagen stars in the film opposite “Fantastic Beasts” actress Katherine Waterston and Christian Rubeck (“What Happened to Monday”).

“Amundsen” will be distributed by Sf Studios in Norway on Feb. 15, and is expected to be the biggest Norwegian release of 2019, surpassing previous big releases such as “The Wave,” “Kon-Tiki” and “The 12th Man.” The movie is being produced by John M. Jacobsen, Kristian Strand Sinkerud and Espen Horn at Motion Blur Films.

Sf Studios will also distribute the film in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The company has already pre-sold the movie in a flurry of territories,
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'Amundsen': first English teaser trailer for Arctic explorer biopic (exclusive)

'Amundsen': first English teaser trailer for Arctic explorer biopic (exclusive)
Kon-Tiki’ director Espen Sandberg reunites with Pål Sverre Hagen.

Screen can reveal the first English-subtitled teaser trailer for Amundsen, the biopic of Arctic explorer Roald Amundsen.

Amundsen was the leader of the first expedition to reach the South Pole in 1911, and the first person to reach both the North and South Poles in 1926.

The film will portray his all-consuming drive as a polar explorer, and reveal the tragedy he brought on himself and others by sacrificing everything in the icy wastelands to achieve his dream.

Amundsen re-teams Kon-Tiki director Espen Sandberg and lead actor Pål Sverre Hagen, with Katherine Waterston
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‘Fantastic Beasts’ Star Katherine Waterston Joins Cast of ‘Amundsen’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
‘Fantastic Beasts’ Star Katherine Waterston Joins Cast of ‘Amundsen’ (Exclusive)
“Fantastic Beasts” star Katherine Waterston has joined the cast of “Amundsen,” a biopic of the Arctic explorer Roald Amundsen directed by Espen Sandberg, the hot Norwegian director of Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominated “Kon-Tiki” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

Sf Studios has come on board the project to represent it worldwide and will be kicking off pre-sales at Cannes. Sf Studios will also be distributing the movie across Scandinavia.

Pål Sverre Hagen (“Kon-Tiki”) will star as Amundsen, who was the first man to reach both the South and the North Poles. Christian Rubeck (“What Happened to Monday”) will play Roald’s brother. Waterston, the up-and-coming actress whose recent credits include “Alien: Covenant,””Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Inherent Vice,” will portray Roald’s last love, who was known as Bess Magdis.

The movie will depict how Amundsen won his epic race to the South Pole,
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First look: Sofia Helin in 'Lifeboat' (exclusive)

First look: Sofia Helin in 'Lifeboat' (exclusive)
Couple’s romantic sailing holiday disturbed by their rescue of a refugee.

Danish producers Snowglobe, whose credits include festival hits such as Godless, Thelma and The Untamed, are now in post-production on Lifeboat (working title), the feature directorial debut of Josefine Kirkeskov.

Screen can unveil this first image of Sofia Helin (Saga in The Bridge), who stars as Iben, a woman on a romantic sailing holiday with her boyfriend (Kon-Tiki’s Pål Sverre Hagen) when they rescue a refugee woman (Sebnem Hassanisoughi of TV’s Wounded Love) who makes Iben confront her past.

Writer/director Kirkeskov, a graduate of the National Film School of Denmark, explains, “The idea for the film came as a reaction to the current refugee crisis in Europe. I’m interested in the space that results by the encounter between strangers, the space created when they are forced to relate to each other, and therefore also relate to themselves.”

Snowglobe producer and co-founder
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Win Norwegian drama Valkyrien on DVD

The Scandinavians have made a name for themselves when it comes to TV shows. The latest is Norwegian drama Valkyrien which arrives on DVD 21st August 2017. To celebrate we have two copies to giveaway.

Doctor Ravn (Sven Nordin) is desperate to find a cure for his dying wife Vilma (Pia Halvorsen). When the hospital stops her treatment, he continues

to work in secret and is forced to compromise his ethics and join forces with corrupt civil defence worker and Doomsday prepper, Leif (Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen), who has widespread knowledge of the city’s underground shelters and secret passages, as well as significant connections with the Oslo underworld.

Together they build an illegal clinic in an old bomb shelter deep underground Valkyrien Square, Oslo. As Ravn continues his research to save his wife, he must also care for criminals who need to avoid the authorities. Ravn believes he will find a miracle cure,
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Official Us Trailer for 'What Happened to Monday?' with Noomi Rapace

"What are you waiting for?! Go get her!" Netflix has debuted a new official Us trailer for indie sci-fi film What Happened to Monday?, going by Seven Sisters in some countries (we posted another trailer for this film under this name a few months ago). This is set in the near future when governments have enacted a "One-Child Policy", but a family of seven sisters outwits the societal policy by existing in secrecy. Noomi Rapace plays all seven sisters, each with a different identity, and each named for the days of the week - Monday, Tuesday, etc. They go out one-by-one each day pretending they're the same person, and everything seems to be going fine until one day Monday doesn't come home. The cast includes Willem Dafoe, Glenn Close, Robert Wagner, Marwan Kenzari, and Pål Sverre Hagen. I actually saw this movie recently, and it's damn good. It gets a little weird,
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First International Trailer for Sci-Fi 'Seven Sisters' with Noomi Rapace

"We've got to help her. We've got to go out there!" The first full trailer has debuted for a sci-fi thriller titled Seven Sisters, also going by the name What Happened to Monday?. The film is set in the near future when governments have enacted a One-Child Policy, but a family of seven sisters outwits the strict societal policy by existing in secrecy. Noomi Rapace plays all seven sisters, each with a different identity, and each named for the day of the week - Monday, Tuesday, etc. They go out one-by-one each day pretending they're the same person, and everything seems to be going fine until one day Monday doesn't come home. The cast includes Willem Dafoe, Glenn Close, Robert Wagner, Marwan Kenzari, and Pål Sverre Hagen. This actually looks damn good, with some cool sci-fi elements/ideas in it and an original story that takes the dual-performance concept to
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Awesome Trailer for the Sci-Fi Thriller Seven Sisters with Noomi Rapace and Willem Dafoe

An international trailer has been released for an upcoming sci-fi thriller called Seven Sisters and it looks awesome! The film has a fascinating concept, the story of which is set in a future where governments have set a law where couples can only have one child. However, there's a family with seven identical sisters that are forced to live in secret.

The movie stars Willem Dafoe as the father of the sisters who are all played by Prometheus star Noomi Rapace. Each of the sisters are named after a day of the week and each one lives their life in the outside world one day at a time. For example, Monday goes out Monday, Tuesday goes out Tuesday, etc. So each one of them has to pretend and live the life of the same person. Then one day Monday is taken and she doesn't come home. 

The absolutely love the
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Here’s Why You Should Let This Nerdy Dude Choose the TV You Watch

  • Indiewire
You’ve probably never heard of Walter Iuzzolino, but if you crave new and exciting independent television, he might be your new best friend.

The “Walter” of Walter Presents is the key figure in curating what he determines to be the best television ever, worldwide, and as of today there’s a new streaming service available to American audiences that will let you discover his picks.

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Walter Presents began as a series airing Saturday nights on UK’s Channel 4, featuring the foreign television that Iuzzolino became obsessed with as a child in Italy.

“There, TV is dubbed,” he told IndieWire. “And whilst that’s artistically quite terrible because it means all the actors speak with the same voice, it means that the influx of international drama is much more robust.”

Iuzzolino watched
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Lily Collins Joins New Anthony Lucero Movie Based On ‘The Clown’

Lily Collins Joins New Anthony Lucero Movie Based On ‘The Clown’
Exclusive: Lily Collins has joined the cast of Anthony Lucero’s next movie, which is based on his long poem The Clown. Set against the backdrop of a small traveling circus, the pic centers on a European clown and his 5-year-old daughter as they lead each other through the everyday mysteries of love, magic and loss. Pål Sverre Hagen, Holliday Grainger, Keti Mchedishvili, János Derzsi, Harry Treadaway, Stacy Martin, Nikola Djuricko, Nutsa Kukhianidze and Jean-Marc Barr
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In Order Of Disappearance Review

I’m fairly certain I’d watch Stellan Skarsgård do anything. Train a puppy to roll over? Sounds amazing. Delicately cook a perfect Frittata? I’ll be in the front row. But Skarsgård is at his absolute best when brutal violence is involved, only because of his endearingly maniacal appreciation of a good genre role. Only a few months ago he was able to play a boisterous European mobster in Our Kind of Traitor, and luckily, Hans Petter Moland’s In Order Of Disappearance gives us another Skarsgård role to love with almost no wait in between. A less cartoonish, grief-driven turn this time around for Skarsgård, but more killer Skarsgårdian goodness nonetheless. I thought August was supposed to be filled with crap? Yet here’s another positive review coming out of what might be a record-breaking high for typical late-summer garbage.

Skarsgård plays Nils Dickman, a Norwegian snow-plower whose
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‘In Order Of Disappearance’ Trailer: Stellan Skarsgård Brings Laughs To Norwegian Dark Comedy — Watch

‘In Order Of Disappearance’ Trailer: Stellan Skarsgård Brings Laughs To Norwegian Dark Comedy — Watch
“In Order of Disappearance” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival back in 2014, and is finally now arriving to Us theaters this year. Directed by Norwegian filmmaker Hans Petter Moland, the dark comedy stars Stellan Skarsgård as Nils, an introverted and hard-working snow plow driver who receives news that his son has died of a heroin overdose. Disbelieving of the official report, he soon uncovers that his son was killed by a drug cartel and begins his quest for revenge.

The movie was written by Kim Fupz Aakesonl and also stars Bruno Ganz, Pål Sverre Hagen, Jakob Oftebro and Kristofer Hivju. Upon its premiere, “In Order of Disappearance” received positive reviews.

Read More: Berlin Review: Stellan Skarsgard Is a Killing Machine In Enjoyable Dark Comedy ‘In Order Of Disappearance

IndieWire’s Eric Kohn wrote in his review that it “cleverly magnifies the way each man is trapped in the mazes of
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Norwegian Thriller In Order Of Disappearance Debuts Darkly Funny First Trailer

Long before Liam Neeson will spearhead an English-language reboot, Hans Petter Moland’s Norwegian thriller In Order Of Disappearance will make its North American bow late next month, and today brings forth the chilling, darkly funny first trailer.

Placing Stellan Skarsgård in the icy shoes of snowplow driver Nils Dickman – an Average Joe amongst Average Joes – Moland’s intelligent, pulse-pounding feature has our unassuming hero uncover a devious crime ring whom he holds responsible for the devastating murder of his son.

First released in 2014, In Order of Disappearance has been doing the rounds across international circuits and will, finally, make its way onto these shores in August via Magnolia Pictures. Skarsgård headlines the drama, flanked by Bruno Ganz, Pål Sverre Hagen, Jakob Oftebro, and Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju.

Our exclusive poster reveal pegged Hans Petter Moland’s action-comedy as an unusual blend of Fargo and Death Wish. That
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Must Watch: Us Trailer for Dark Comedy 'In Order of Disappearance'

"If Norwegian kids disappear, there's always some obnoxious parents out looking for them." Yes! Finally!! Magnolia has debuted the official Us trailer for a Norwegian film called In Order of Disappearance, from director Hans Petter Moland. The film originally premiered two years ago, back in 2014, and is just now getting a Us release. But that doesn't matter because it's a great film, a fantastic dark comedy about a quiet snow plow driver in Norway who decides to get revenge on the drug cartel that killed his son. Stellan Skarsgård stars and he's so badass in this. The cast includes Bruno Ganz, Pål Sverre Hagen, Jakob Oftebro, and Kristofer Hivju. I saw this film at the Berlin Film Festival back in 2014 and it was one of my favorites of the festival, I highly recommend seeing it once it opens in the Us. Until then, take a look below. Here's the new
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Exclusive Poster For In Order Of Disappearance Sees Stellan Skarsgård Taking Aim

Scandinavia has long proven to be fertile ground for brooding thrillers across all types of media – be that books, movies or television. Perhaps it’s the sparse population and ensuing isolation that allows authors and creative thinkers to dream up dark scenarios for projects, but whatever the case, it’s served up the likes of Headhunters and Stieg Larsson’s beloved Millennium series – the same one the features The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – to name but a few.

When it comes to In Order Of Disappearance, though, Hans Petter Moland’s action flick takes the road less travelled, gunning down the route of black comedy as opposed to a chilling murder mystery. Stellan Skarsgård, Bruno Ganz, Pål Sverre Hagen, Jakob Oftebro, and Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju have all booked their place in Moland’s bloody romp, and below you’ll find an exclusive poster that we’re happy to be debuting,
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Netflix UK: 25 underappreciated comedies to watch now

Mark Harrison Jul 1, 2016

Need a laugh? Here's our guide to 25 comedies that are on Netflix UK now, and are well worth your time...

Putting aside all of the chunter about VPNs and rising subscription costs for a moment, there are more hidden gems to be discovered on Netflix UK than you might expect, and we've been combing through the streaming site's current catalogue to find some of the most underappreciated comedies on offer.

We've come up with this fairly broad selection of films that varies on several fronts. We've picked out a mix of belly laughers and dark comedies, with a couple of dramedies thrown in for good measure. They're not all big Hollywood comedies, but neither are they all films that you're hearing about for the first time, though we've tried to order them according to how well known they may or may not be. What they all have
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Film Guide: What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend? (June 17, 2016)

Film Guide: What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend? (June 17, 2016)
To help sift through the increasing number of new releases (independent or otherwise), the Weekly Film Guide is here! Below you’ll find basic plot, personnel and cinema information for all of this week’s fresh offerings.

Starting this month, we’ve also put together a list for the entire month. We’ve included this week’s list here, complete with information on screening locations for films in limited release.

See More: Here Are All the Upcoming Movies in Theaters for June 2016

Here are the films opening theatrically in the U.S. the week of Friday, June 17. All synopses provided by distributor unless listed otherwise.


Central Intelligence

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Aaron Paul, Amy Ryan, Danielle Nicolet, Ryan Hansen, Bobby Brown, Megan Park, Timothy John Smith

Synopsis: “After he reunites with an old pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.
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Rotterdam to open with 'Beyond Sleep'

  • ScreenDaily
Rotterdam to open with 'Beyond Sleep'
English-language adaptation of Dutch bestseller to open Iffr 2016.

Beyond Sleep, the latest feature from Dutch director Boudewijn Koole (Kauwboy), is to open the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam (Iffr) on Jan 27.

The English-language film is based on Willem Frederik Hermans’ bestselling novel, Nooit meer slapen, and will world premiere on the opening night of Iffr.

Reinout Scholten van Aschat takes the lead role of ambitious geologist Alfred Issendorf, who goes in search of meteorites in the swampy north of Norway, hoping that the journey will cement his academic reputation by uncovering a significant scientific proof.

The young geologist is also trying to continue the work of his father, who died during a similar research trip, and he only finds redemption when he has reached the brink of insanity. The cast also includes Pål Sverre Hagen (Kon-Tiki).

Beyond Sleep is produced by Hanneke Niens and Hans de Wolf (Soof, Nena, Ventoux, Twin Sisters
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