Video Of The Day: Watch the sci-fi short ‘Two Point Five Billion’

Writer and director Jamie Hannigan has now made his sci-fi short Two Point Five Billion available for everyone to see online.

Synopsis: A scientist working in a revolutionary new field of quantum mechanics volunteers for a risky new experiment – despite the strong objections of his wife and misgivings of his colleagues.

Initially, the experiment appears to have been a success, but quickly it appears that the Scientist has been afflicted by an unforeseen side-effect: cut off from his anchor in the ‘present’, his consciousness is struggling to deal with the strain of experiencing every moment of his life at once…

Watch the short film after the break. Enjoy! via Twitch


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Directed by Jamie Hannigan

Produced by Shirley Weir

Written by Jamie Hannigan & Shirley Weir

Story by Jamie Hannigan

Director of Photography Patrick Jordan

Editor Frank Reid

Composer Alex Leonard

Production Design Ben Gough

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