First Details and Artwork for Tristan Versluis' Sci-Fi/Horror Film Omni

UK special effects man Tristan Versluis is about to start shooting his second feature film in Berlin next month, a sci-fi/horror blend entitled Omni. Tristan is best known for his dark, delicious flair with beautifully bloody prosthetics and painstaking CGI work. Check out his showreel here, and read on for more details!

From the Press Release:

Omni will be made by UK company Screaming Pictures in partnership with Ascension Productions and shot on location in the UK, Europe, and hopefully other parts of the world. Crew members that have already embraced Omni include Jonathan Edward Klahr, a trained special effects man from the days of Star Wars ep1, The Mummy, and Harry Potter; director of photography Stuart Nicholas White, who shot the majority of Versluis' shorts and his last feature, Not Alone; costume designer Rachel Freire; and production designer Melanie Light.


Omni tells the story of an abducted woman,
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Indie Horror Alert: Dodge Axe Swings and Blood Effects in this Trailer for Ellie Rose

Ellie Rose is a film from director Tristan Versluis, which has a second title, Not Alone. This film completed production way back in 2009 and now, this b-movie fan has found the first trailer for Ellie Rose, which is full of gruesome gore and family feuds. One character seems to mistake some people for a cord of wood, as the hatchet does some brutal damage to characters and this reviewer's psyche. Have a look at the gory video below, courtesy of Stealth Media Group and prepare yourself to see the most horrifying of what indie film has to offer.

The synopsis for Ellie Rose is here:

"Torn by years in an abusive marriage, an emotional Ellie Rose arrives at the family cabin along a broken coastline. The cabin unused for years, still holds memories. Imprisoned by her own actions and haunted by the ghosts of her past, Ellie soon starts to
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Trailer and Artwork for UK Short Film Pixel

As part of our ongoing effort to find you guys all the latest and greatest genre projects from across the globe, today we have the early word on Tristan Versluis' short film "Pixel", a tale of one man's wild antics and over-sexed ego, which inevitably steer him into his own redemption.

"Pixel" was written, produced, and directed by Versluis, a multi-talented special effects man (Hot Fuzz, Sweeney Todd, Blood River) turned director. His main character is a man "living the lifestyle", but this time the woman he picks up isn't going to let his behavior get away with it, showing him that there is another side to reality.

The short has been in post for two years now, and its immense amount of CGI effects was headed up by the talented Jonathan Klar (wrangling over 40 post-production crew members and guiding them through the many stages of modeling, animating, match moving,
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Lucy Benjamin and Other Ex-soap Stars in Ellie Rose Aka Not Alone

Ex-Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin (below) hasn't exactly had a full acting schedule since she left the BBC soap 7 years ago. But she's back starring in UK horror 'Ellie Rose' (Aka 'Not Alone') and she is being joined by a host of British soap stars including Kika Mirylees ('Holby City'), Alexandra Moen ('Hotel Babylon') and Bill Ward ('Coronation Street'). Make-up artist Tristan Versluis ('Book of Blood', 'Psychosis', 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1') is helming the project and we have a glimpse at the teaser poster and trailer for you guys to check out below. 'Torn by years in an abusive marriage, an emotional Ellie Rose arrives alone at the family cabin along the broken coastline. Her story and motives for being there are unclear. Arriving unprepared and packed with few supplies she seems anxious at
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Preview: Not Alone

The undeniable quality of nominees and winners at last night’s British Independent Film Awards paints a picture of a vibrant, healthy British film industry.

And while the present state of that industry is rightly being celebrated it is time to look to the future and one of the films to look out for is Not Alone from writer/director Tristan Versluis and producer Andy Thompson.

The synopsis is: A damaged emotional Eli Rose arrives at an old long forgotten family cabin along the broken coastline. Arriving unprepared and packed with few supplies she seems anxious at either leaving or someone else arriving. The house abandoned years ago still holds most of its original decor and memories providing us with hints toward a shattered family, which once filled the space.

Plagued by the reoccurring nightmare of the violent murder of her family, Eli starts to understand her reasons for being there.
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Not Alone Wraps Production

We got word today that production has wrapped on the UK horror film, Not Alone. While we're not sure when we're going to be getting this sucker stateside, read on for more details and pictures from this promising horror flick directed by FX artist Tristan Versluis.

Eli (Lucy Benjamin) is an emotionally disturbed young woman who turns up at the family beach cabin unaware of what is fact or fiction, what has and what hasn’t happened. Her mind spins with visions and nightmares while the past desperate to catch up with her takes pleasure in haunting and teasing her with snippets of horrors, nightmares and bizarre interaction with her sister Chloe (Alexandra Moen), her Mother (Kika MiryleesBad Girls) and ex-husband Frank (Bill Ward). Imprisoned by her own actions, Eli plays out her past, present and future with the distraught and horrific behaviour of a damaged mind living on the edge.
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FX artist is Not Alone directing 1st feature; exclusive images

  • Fangoria
Not Alone, the debut feature from British FX artist-turned-director Tristan Versluis, is midway through its three-week shoot. Though set in 1957 on the East Coast of the United States, Versluis and his cast and crew are shooting in locations around England; he sent along a few exclusive early photos, which you can see below.

Lucy Benjamin, familiar to UK audiences from five years on the BBC soap Eastenders, stars as Eli, an emotionally damaged young woman who arrives at an abandoned family cabin with a head full of nightmares and a car trunk full of unburied secrets. Before long, her nightmares turn real and the things that stalk her mind become the walking, talking demons that are found inside everyone’s soul. Trapped by her own doing—or imprisoned by some unseen motion set in action by someone else—Eli soon starts to spiral into a reality she has lost control of many times before.
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Exclusive Interview & Pics: Leslie Simpson on Straw Man

On January 26th, production began on the UK indie, Straw Man. After an intense two-week shoot, the film wrapped on Sunday, February 8th, and has been in post-production ever since.

Fango's new International contributor, "Penny B. Dreadful" recently caught up with actor Leslie Simpson, who portrays The Lone Man in the film. The busy actor, known for his role as Private Terry Milburn in Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers, has also appeared as a creepy Crawler in The Descent, along with a role in Marshall's Doomsday, and can be seen in Hammer's Beyond The Rave. Leslie took took time out to update us on the status of Straw Man, along with some of his other upcoming projects.

Penny B. Dreadful: Thanks for joining us, Leslie. First off, what is Straw Man, who's behind the project, and how did you get involved?

Leslie Simpson: On the surface Straw Man is
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How do I love thee? With a fork apparently.

Oh god. We’re just days away from Valentine’s Day. You’re in one of two camps. On one side you’ve got a guy, or a girl, or both, and you have a really nice evening all planned out. On the other side you’ve got guys like me who veil their hopelessness under the guise of disgust with the commercialization of a special day commemorating our love to each other and why the hell should it be just one day, every day should be Valentine’s Day! Utter nonsense like that.

And so Tristan Versluis, the guy who did all the gore effects on Adam Mason’s Broken, simply asks in his short film, We have all been there, a desperate act of love, the ultimate gesture of your devotion to the person you long after the most. But how will that person deal with your precious heart?
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