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Pass Horror Notes: ‘Landing Lake’ Review

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Landing Lake

Stars: Franck Assi, Emma Bown, Joanna-Leigh Hewitt, Veronica Osimani, Craig Peritz, Lee Ravitz, Aaron Stielstra, Victoire Vecchierini, Phil Zimmerman | Written and Directed by Cesare P. Libardi di K.

Name: Landing Lake

Age: 2019

Appearance: Distorted head scratcher of a science fiction horror filmed in Super 35mm around some woods in Italy. It looks both very weird and very beautiful. The throbbing 80s style synth that accompanies the action accentuates the oddball atmosphere.

Landing Lake horror weirdness.

Oooh, I feel a bit strange.

And so you might. Everything about Landing Lake feels off-kilter. The faded colours and odd angles brings a sense of menace and foreboding. The synth thumps about like a digital creature lurking in the background and the acting style, which lurches from either being very shouty or very quiet, makes it feel as if we are peeking into another dimension where the characters are people just like us but not quite…
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Sci-fi horror Landing Lake gets a trailer and poster

High Octane Pictures has released a trailer, poster and images for writer-director Cesare P. Libardi di K.’s upcoming sci-fi horror Landing Lake which stars Victoire Vecchierini, Emma Bown, Aaron Stielstra and Phil Zimmerman; check them out here…

A team of satellite technicians enter the woods to repair a communication station but they are forced to rescue the crew of an airplane that crashed near a lake. They quickly realise that something may be coming from the lake that is affecting their minds and the passing of time. As they lose their inhibitions their most primal desires take hold. Lured on by the unseen entity it seems that only one of the team is permitted to bond with it and so be reborn in a new physical body. A terrifying game of strategy not to survive, but rather to die with the promise of life anew.

Landing Lake is set for release on July 9th.
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Horror Highlights: Little Devils: The Birth, Wytches in Image+ Magazine, The Drifter, Landing Lake

The tiny ghouls from Little Devils: The Birth return with Shivers Entertainment's DVD and VHS release of the 1993 cult film, and we have official details on the re-release in today's Horror Highlights, which also includes details on the Wytches comic coming to Image+ magazine, clips from The Drifter, and the trailer for Landing Lake.

Little Devils: The Birth Re-Release: Press Release: "Victoria, British Columbia: Canadian film distributor Shivers Entertainment is set to launch evil upon the world! Their latest launch is a re-release of director George Pavlou (Rawhead Rex, Transmutations) and writer Elliott Stein’s Little Devils: The Birth. Originally released in 1993, Shivers will make this iconic Canadian filmwork available through a limited DVD and VHS release. Items will be limited as gargoyles emerge from Hell, one last time!

The film’s story begins when a scientist, Dr. Lionel (Wayne McNamara, Psycho Pike), makes a trip to Hell and returns with a strange ooze.
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‘Anger of the Dead’ Review

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Stars: Aaron Stielstra, Michael Segal, Marius Bizau, Désirée Giorgetti, Claudio Camilli, David White, Ally McClelland, Roberta Sparta | Written and Directed by Francesco Picone

In a world ravaged by a rabies virus that turns people into hungry cannibals, Alice, a pregnant survivor, along with two other men, struggles to reach an island unaffected by the plague. Meanwhile, a dangerous man is on the trail of a mysterious girl, and Alice soon discovers that zombies are not the only threat…

Anger of the Dead is a hard-hitting political thriller that… oh wait sorry, wrong film. Anger of the Dead is (surprise, surprise) a zombie film! I’m sure you’ve already guessed that by now as it tends to be the case of any film with ‘of the dead’ in the title.

Anger of the Dead is another one of those zombie films populated by people who have never seen a zombie film,
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Full Wastelander Trailer Heads into the Apocalypse

Last week we brought you the first teaser trailer and images from Angelo Lopes' Wastelander, an indie throwback to the glorious heyday of 80s desert Pa.

The first trailer has landed and it looks like a ton of fun. Everyone's having a good time and the soundtrack from Com Truise is appropriately retro.


It is the year....meh- a badass post apocalyptic adventure of epic proportions.

Wastelander stars Brendan Guy Murphy, Jon Proudstar, David Morden, Carol Cardenas, Sian Vilaire, Aaron Stielstra, Lou Pimber, Johnny Bernath, Angelo Lopes, Kali Sherwood, Melani Macy and Paul Clinco.

No release dates yet for the flick, but we'll keep y [Continued ...]
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Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead Turns a Labour Force into an Undead Army

Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead follows Apocalypse Z (2013), or possibly Eaters (2011). In the film, WWII rages on, with a bunch of zombies! This title has been picked up by Entertainment One, for distribution in Canada and the Us. As well, the film stars Andrew Harwood Mills and Dan van Husen. A trailer for the film is featured here. In the film, Nazis are using prisoners of war in experiments. A new, undead soldier is created and the GIs might be up against an unstoppable army. Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead will be released on DVD in North America. Fans of horror or of undead films can preview the action, from the film, below. Release Date: 2015 (DVD). Director/writer: Luca Boni and Marco Ristori. Cast: Andrew Harwood Mills, Dan van Husen and Aaron Stielstra. A trailer for Zombie Massacre 2 is here: The film's fan page is here:
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Blu-ray Review: "The Scarlet Worm": Indy Filmmaking At Its Best

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By Lee Pfeiffer

When I received an unsolicited screener of a new film called The Scarlet Worm from Unearthed Films, I let it languish for weeks. Finally, primarily because it is a Western, I got around to viewing it. It's a gritty, grim affair that ranks among the best independent movies I've seen lately. However, I was curious about the cast members because, as talented as they are, I had not heard of any of them. The reason why became clear when I looked at the "making of..." extras on the Blu-ray. Incredibly, this ambitious movie was put together by a team of virtual strangers who met each other on-line. They conceived of the plot and shot the movie on such a low budget that they had to live in an abandoned house that had been foreclosed by a bank. When viewed from this context, The Scarlet Worm is an even more impressive achievement.
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DVD Playhouse--February 2012

DVD Playhouse—February 2012

By Allen Gardner

To Kill A Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Edition (Universal) Robert Mulligan’s film of Harper Lee’s landmark novel pits a liberal-minded lawyer (Gregory Peck) against a small Southern town’s racism when defending a black man (Brock Peters) on trumped-up rape charges. One of the 1960s’ first landmark films, a truly stirring human drama that hits all the right notes and isn’t dated a bit. Robert Duvall makes his screen debut (sans dialogue) as the enigmatic Boo Radley. DVD and Blu-ray double edition. Bonuses: Two feature-length documentaries: Fearful Symmetry and A Conversation with Gregory Peck; Featurettes; Excerpts and film clips from Gregory Peck’s Oscar acceptance speech and AFI Lifetime Achievement Award; Commentary by Mulligan and producer Alan J. Pakula; Trailer. Widescreen. Dolby and DTS 2.0 mono.

Outrage: Way Of The Yakuza (Magnolia) After a brief hiatus from his signature oeuvre of Japanese gangster flicks,
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Abortion Meets the Wild West in The Scarlet Worm

Westerns have their constants -- drunken brawls, gunfights, cowboys, barren landscapes -- but the genre is rather malleable and can support all kinds of interesting narrative and thematic angles.  For example, consider the indie western called The Scarlet Worm. It's about, of all things, abortion.

The Scarlet Worm seems to be going for a Spaghetti Western vibe as evidenced by the trailer, its gritty subject matter -- John Ford didn't make movies about cathouse abortions -- and a cast that includes actors such as Dan van Husen (Sartana, A Bullet for Sandoval) and Montgomery Ford aka Brett Halsey (Cut Throats Nine). 

The description provided by the filmmakers is as follows: 

Based on an original screenplay by Western historian David Lambert, the story concerns a cruel brothel owner (van Husen) who mandates abortions on all his prostitutes, seeming to derive some sick pleasure out of the act. A rancher (Ford) with
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