[Yuletide Terrors] Day 15: Elves

Throughout the month of December, we will be highlighting a film a day that has some tie into the holiday somehow. Some titles will be obvious, others won’t be. Some films will be good and, again, others won’t be. However, we think all titles are worth your time whether to give you chills inside your home or to make you drink more eggnog until you puke laughing.

Kirsten (Julie Austin) and her two friends meet in the woods for the inaugural meeting of the Sisters of Anti-Christmas. The holiday is over commercialized and insincere, plus they got lame gifts last year and it doesn’t look like it’ll snow this year. As far as real problems, Kirsten’s home life is a mess. Her dad is dead, her mom (Deanna Lund) hates her with a fiery passion, little brother is a pervert and Grandpa might be a Nazi.
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