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The Hawaiians

The sequel to the epic Julie Andrews road show picture wasn't a hit, but it tells a good story of its own. Charlton Heston is okay but the central character is a Chinese immigrant played by Tina Chen. Against all odds, the peasant matriarch survives plagues and leprosy to found a family dynasty for the new Hawaii. The Hawaiians Blu-ray Twilight Time Limited Edition 1970 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 134 min. / Ship Date February 9, 2016 / available through Twilight Time Movies / 29.95 Starring Charlton Heston, Tina Chen, Geraldine Chaplin, Mako, John Phillip Law, Alec McCowen, Miko Mayama, Virginia Ann Lee, Chris Robinson, Naomi Stevens, Keye Luke, Khigh Dhiegh, Mary Munday, Harry Townes, Lyle Bettger, James Hong, James Gregory, Harry Holcombe, Victor Sen Yung Cinematography Lucien Ballard, Philip Lathrop Film Editor Byron Brandt, Ralph Winters Original Music Henry Mancini Written by James R. Webb from the novel by James A. Michener Produced by Walter Mirisch Directed by
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Review: The Complete Steve Canyon on TV Volume 3

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Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon (1947-1988) was one of the most celebrated adventure comic strips of the 1950s. The blond, square-jawed hero was on the cutting edge of action as he took to the skies and had adventures around the world. Caniff populated the strip with memorable supporting characters and adversaries so it was a rich reading experience.

The strip was so popular that when Captain Action was introduced in 1966, Canyon was one of the first heroes he could turn into. Somewhat earlier, Canyon also served as inspiration for an NBC prime time series that, sadly, bore little resemblance to the strip (a common problem back then).

In 2008, John R. Ellis brought us this forgotten gem with The Complete Steve Canyon on TV Volume 1 and followed up a year later with Volume 2. The silence until late last year when the anticipated Volume 3 finally arrived, completing the run. Thankfully it came
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Exclusive Interview, Part 3: Clu Gulager on Working with Family

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Exclusive Interview, Part 3: Clu Gulager on Working with Family
Did you ever do a soap opera?

About five soap operas were written for me over my lifetime that I know about. I had to turn them all down. I said, "I can't remember those lines. It would kill me." I had to turn them all down. As I turned them down, friends of mine took the parts and within about two weeks most of them were in the hospital. That's how tough it is to go into soap operas. You have to have a phenomenal kind of memory. Jim Drury has one. Barry Sullivan had one. My wife had one. There are many people who are actors, good actors, who have photographic memories. They look at a page and it's, "Okay, let's shoot it". They are literally that fast. I can't do that. So I had to do it the hard way and it was really hard on me.
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Final Details Revealed for 'Complete Steve Canyon Volume 1'

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The final details have been released for Volume One of the Steve Canyon DVD set. Writing at the show’s blog, the production team stated, “Before we get to the good news I need to mention that the Volume 1 release has been regrettably delayed for (hopefully) only a week at this point. This is due to a number of factors (not the least of which is the massive logistics involving multiple discs/episodes/soundtracks) manufacturing issues, and our resolve to put out a superior product. Several of our celebrity commentaries have been added at the very last minute as well which has slowed us down (but I'm sure is worth it). in any eventI apologize for the delay and take full responsibility for it. thereforeI am resetting the counter to Tuesday November 25th today and am extending the $24.95 early-bird pre-order price to that date as well.”
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