Full lineup announced for Manchester's horror film festival Grimmupnorth

GrimmUpNorth is Manchester's premier, horror film festival, running from October 29th - November 1st and including the world premier of 'The Reeds' and screening of 'The Descent 2', with Q&A from cast and director. The festival will be taking place in Manchester's Printworks and Odeon Cinema.

Gerard Johnson's Tony, a film we all love here at Qe, will be playing. We highly reccomend it. Review here.

A full line-up can be found at the festival website, but other notable screenings include Faye Jackson's Romanian vampire film 'Strigoi' and a special screening of Hellraiser, including a chance to meet the 'Cenobites' themselves; Doug Bradley (aka Pin Head), Nicholas Vince (Chatterer) and Simon Bamford (Butterball) on the Friday.

Here's a list of films that will be screened over the weekend:

Thursday 29th

Decsent 2 + Tras Visillos (Short)

Friday 30th & Saturday 31st:


Tony + Excision (Short
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Review of Canuck apocalypse drama Autumn

Year: 2009

Directors: Steven Rumbelow

Writers: David Moody / Steven Rumbelow

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: agentorange

Rating: 5.2 out of 10

After muscling through the first 15 minutes of Autumn (a viewing experience not unlike dropping a bottle of Quaaludes and watching the apocalypse happen through a stained glass window) I was relieved to discover that Steven Rumbelow's low budget zombie apocalypse film was not the cheapo snooze-fest I was half expecting it to be, but a decent indie character piece that handles the survival drama with a touch of class. No, this film isn't perfect (in fact, technically speaking it's a complete gong show at times), but with David Moody's great cult novel backing it up, a wild walk-on performance by the late David Carradine and zombies that would make Romero proud, Autumn proved a worthy enough Sunday afternoon diversion for this reviewer and a film I fully expect will
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Autumn Coming Out Summer '09

Spotlight Pictures is announcing a June 2009 release date for horror feature "Autumn." Starring David Carradine the picture will go straight to DVD and the film will focus on a group of friends who have survived a biological outbreak. Also, shot in Canada fans will get to see David Moodys novel of the same name in a theatrical format. Have a look at the trailer, cast information, and synopsis past the break.

A synopsis for "Autumn," here...

Billions are dead and the few that are left start to realize they are not alone. Initially when the dead begin to rise, they are not very threatening. However, in a short period of time, the lurching bodies begin to get their most basic senses back and this makes them much more dangerous. When the dead become attracted to light and sound, the survivors have no option but to live in silent darkness (Internet
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New Poster and trailer for Pa zombie flick Autumn

We've been covering this flick for a while, going all the way back to February and while it's a bit low budget, the footage looks great and it also stars David Carradine, how can you go wrong with that? It's based on the acclaimed cult novel by David Moody and was recently picked up by sales agent Splotlight Pictures so let's hope we can get a screener soon. Here's a full synopsis:

"As the last autumn leaves slowly peel away from the trees, a mysterious airborne virus ravages the planet, and within a few hours billions die. Victims suffer horrific deaths as their internal organs liquefy, and whole towns’ expire within minutes. Soon cities become infested breeding grounds for the new apocalyptic virus. By the end of the first day there are only a handful of survivors.

A small group of ordinary strangers are soon forced to work together to stay alive.
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