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  • (1924 - 1956) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1924) Stage Play: What Price Glory. Drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson and Laurence Stallings. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 3 Sep 1924- 12 Sep 1925 (closing date unknown/433 performances). Cast: Luis Alberni (as "Monsieur Pete De La Cognac"), William Barstow Smith (as "A Captain, Headquarters Staff"), Francis Bolan (as "A Brigade Runner"), William 'Stage' Boyd (as "First Sergeant Quirt"), Fred Brophy, Thomas Buckley (as "Another Lieutenant, Headquarters Staff"), Arthur Campbell (as "Another Brigade Runner/Lieutenant Lundstrom"), John J. Cavanaugh (as "A Brigade Runner"), Charles Costigan, John C. Davis (as "A Chaplain"), James Devine [credited as James A. Devine] (as "Sergeant Ferguson") [final Broadway role], Brian Donlevy (as "Cpl. Gowdy") [Broadway debut], Sidney Elliott, Leyla Georgie, J. Merrill Holmes, Dan Kelly, Roy LaRue, Jack MacGraw, Fuller Mellish (as "Cpl. Kiper"), Clyde North (as "Lt. Moore"), Fay Roope, Harold Salter, Henry G. Shelvey, Thomas Sullivan, George Tobias (as "Cpl. Lipinsky") [Broadway debut], Robert Warner (as "Lieutenant Lundstrom"), Keane Waters (as "A Colonel, Headquarters Staff/Spike"), Louis Wolheim (as "Captain Flagg"). Produced by Arthur Hopkins. Note: Filmed by Fox Film as What Price Glory (1926) and by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation as What Price Glory (1952).
  • (1928) Stage Play: The International. Written by John Howard Lawson. Music by Edward A. Ziman. Directed by John Howard Lawson. New Playwrights Theatre: 12 Jan 1928- Feb 1928 (closing date unknown/27 performances). Cast: Jane Barry (as "Alise"), Herbert Bergman, Ruth Chorpenning (as "Madam Miau"), Lionel Ferrend, Eduard Franz (as "Rubeloff, Soviet Commissar"), Miriam Gumble (as "Ethel"), Felix Jacobs [credited as Felix Jacoves] (as "Tim Garritty"), Ross Mathews, Hazel Mason, Ross Matthews, George N. Price (as "Simeon Silas Fitch"), George Tobias (as "Karneski"), Franchot Tone (as "David Fitch"). Produced by New Playwrights Theatre.
  • (1928) Stage Play: The Road to Rome. Comedy (revival). Written by Robert E. Sherwood. Directed by Lester Lonergan. Playhouse Theatre: 21 Jan 1928- Jun 1929 (closing date unknown/440 performances). Cast: Laurence W. Adams, Charles Brokaw (as "Scipio"), Fairfax Burger (as "Varius"), Joyce Carey, Jane Cowl (as "Amytis"), Daniel Coxe, Lionel Hogarth (as "Sertorius/Thotmes"), Barry Jones, Walter Kinsella (as "Third Guard"), Ben Lackland (as "Second Guard"), Richie Ling (as "Fabius"), Lewis Martin, Jock McGraw, John McNulty, Hale Norcross (as "Hasdrubal"), Clement O'Loghlen, Gert Pouncy, Jessie Ralph (as "Fabia"), William R. Randall, Guy Standing (as "Hannibal"), George Tobias (as "Carthalo"), Alfred Webster. Produced by William A. Brady and Dwight Wiman.
  • (1928) Stage Play: The Grey Fox. Written by Lemist Esler. Directed by Esler and William A. Brady. Playhouse Theatre: 22 Oct 1928- Jan 1929 (closing date unknown/88 performances). Cast: Edward Arnold (as "Cesare Borgia"), Martin Berkeley (as "Ottaviano"), Robert Buckner (as "Arturo") [Broadway debut], J.M. Kerrigan (as "Francesco Vettori"), Mallory Davis (as "A Nun"), Reynolds Evans (as "Da Casale"), Mike Flanagan (as "First Soldier"), Denis Gurney (as "Pretty Pietro"), Norman St. Clair Hales (as "Oliverotto Da Ferma"), Chrystal Herne (as "Caterina Sforza"), Henry Hull (as "Niccolo Machiavelli"), Warren Hymer (as "Jeffro") [only Broadway role], Nat Pendleton (as "Don Michelotto"), George Tobias (as "Sergeant of the Guard"), Alfred Webster (as "The Captain Savelli"). Produced by William A. Brady and Dwight Wiman [credited as Dwight Deere Wiman].
  • (1929) Stage Play: S.S. Glencairn (Revival). Written by Eugene O'Neill. Directed by E.J. Ballantine. Provincetown Playhouse: 9 Jan 1929- Mar 1929 (closing date unknown/90 performances). Cast included: Walter Abel, Montague Ash, Barbara Benedict, Louise Bradley, Robert Lucius Cook, Christine Cooper, Max Essin, Richard Gaines, Lionel Stander, Dorothee Nolan, Byron Russell, Archie Sinclair, 'George TObias' (as "Ivan").
  • (1936) Stage Play: You Can't Take It With You. Comedy. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Techncial Assistant to Mr. Oenslager: Isaac Benesch. Press Representative: John Peter Toohey. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Booth Theatre (moved to The Imperial Theatre from 19 Sep 1938- close): 14 Dec 1936- 3 Dec 1938 (838 performances). Cast: Ruth Attaway (as "Rheba"), Jess Barker, Frank Conlan (as "Mr. DePinna"), Mitzi Hajos, Virginia Hammond, Franklin Heller, George Heller, Ralph Holmes (as "G-Man"), Josephine Hull (as "Penelope Sycamore"), William J. Kelly, George Leach, Anna Lubowe, Oscar Polk (as "Donald"), Hugh Rennie (as "Wilbur C. Henderson"), Margot Stevenson (as "Alice Sycamore"), George Tobias (as "Boris Kolenkhov"), Henry Travers (as "Martin Vanderhof/Grandpa") [final Broadway role], Paula Trueman (as "Essie"), Frank Wilcox. Produced by Sam Harris. Replacement actors during Booth Theatre run: Aldrich Bowker (as "Martin Vanderhof, Grandpa"), George Calvert (as "G-Man"), C.M. Clough (as "G-Man"), Muni Seroff (as "Boris Kolenkhov"), Fred Stone. Replacement actors during Imperial Theatre run: None. Note: Filmed as You Can't Take It with You (1938).
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Gregory Smith") in "Star Spangled" on Broadway. Written by Robert Ardrey. Staged by Arthur Hopkins. John Golden Theatre: 10 Mar 1936-Mar 1936 (23 Performances). Cast: Donald Arbury, Natasha Boleslavsky, Millard Mitchell, Ivan Triesault, Michael Visaroff.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Santiago") in "Fiesta" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Michael Gold. Directed by James Light. Provincetown Playhouse: 17 Sep 1929-Oct 1929 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: Leon Birnbaum, George Buyante, Anita Case, Ruth Chorpenning, Richard de Merino, Brana Ghorn, Martin Glee (as "A Peon"), Anthony Grey, Eugene Grossman, Maide Huneker, Esther Junger, Sidney Kline, Kemble Knight, Jack La Rue (as "Don Felipe"), Josef Lagarovici (as "Sheriff"), William Martin (as "Miguel"), Charles McCarthy, Donald McHenry, Arnold Mirante, Allan Nagle (as "Pablo"), Lillian Okun, Henry Petersilie, Carl Benton Reid (as "Don Enrique"; Broadway debut), Philip Roll, Virginia Rose, Albert Rosen, Charles Sard, Edward Segal, Beverly Sitgreaves (as "Dona Luisa"), Keith Stillman, Benjamin Taly, Mailie Urrutua, Virginia Venable. Produced by the Experimental Theatre, Inc.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Lutikov") in "Red Rust" on Broadway). Drama. Written by'V. Kirchon' and Alexander N. Ouspensky. Material adapted by Virginia Vernon and Frank Vernon. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman (also in cast). Martin Beck Theatre: 17 Dec 1929-Feb 1930 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: Luther Adler, Albert Angell, Curtis Arnall, Virginia Berry, William Challee, Ruth Chorpenning, Harry M. Cooke, Thomas Fisher, Florence House, Spenser Kimbell, Joseph Kleima, Boris Korlin, Ruth Nelson, Charles Peyton, Helen Plaut, Ackland Powell, Lizzie Rechelle, George F. Shoemaker, Gale Sondergaard, Lionel Stander (as "Bezborodov"), Eunice Stoddard, Lee Strasberg (as "Pimples"), Elliot Sullivan, Franchot Tone (as "Fedor"), Frank Verigun, Harry Wilson. Produced by the Theatre Guild.
  • (1935) Stage: Appeared (as "Ace") in "Hell Freezes Over" on Broadway. Tragedy. Written by John Patrick. Directed by Joshua Logan. Ritz Theatre: 28 Dec 1935-Jan 1936 (closing date unknown/25 performances). Cast: Richard Albert (as "Tommy"), Lee Baker (as "John"), Louis Calhern (as "Allan"), John Litel (as "Sparks"), Myron McCormick (as "Clark"), Frank Tweddell (as "Swede"). Produced by George Kondolf.
  • (1934) Stage: Appeared (as "Alois") in "Sailors of Cattaro" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Friedrich Wolf. Directed by Irving Gordon. Civic Repertory Theare; 10 Dec 1934-Mar 1935 (closing date unknown/96 performances). Cast: Abner Biberman, John Boruff, Edwin Clare, Theodore Cohen, Howard Da Silva, Samson Gordon, Ernest K. Gann, Harold Johnsrud (as "Ensign Julio"), David Kerman (as "Sailor" / "Soldier"), Edward Mann, James McDonald, William Nichols, Sidney Packer, Wendell K. Phillips (as "Sailor" / "Soldier"), Tom Powers (as "Franz Rasch"), Robert Reed, Frederick Roland, William Schap-Kevisch, Paul L. Stein, Charles Thompson, Martin Wolfson (as "Anton Grabar"). Produced by the Theatre Union Inc.
  • (3/16/54) Appeared on the talk show "Ask the Girls" on talking about his role on "Stalag 17". The other ladies were Katherine Copeland, Helen Rauh and Dorothy Randall.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Black Pit. Written by Albert Maltz. Directed by Irivng Gordon. Civic Repertory Theatre: 20 Mar 1935- Jun 1935 (closing date unknown/85 performances). Cast: Frances Bavier (as "Mrs. Floyd"), Alan Baxter, Alice Brooks, Howard Da Silva (as "Hansy McCulloh"), Nonnie Edwards, Elliott Fisher, Clyde Franklin, Millicent Green (as "Iola"), Harold Johnsrud (as "Tex"/ "Blind Jimmie"), Sidney Packer, Tony Ross, Vincent Sherman (as "Barrolla"), Hester Sondergaard, Royal C. Stout, George Tobias (as "Bakovchan"), Helen Waren, Martin Wolfson (as "Tony Lakavitch"). Produced by The Theatre Union.
  • (1955) Stage Play: Silk Stockings. Musical comedy. Based on a book by George S. Kaufman, Abe Burrows and Leueen MacGrath. Music by Cole Porter. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Cy Feuer. Imperial Theatre: 24 Feb 1955- 14 Apr 1956 (478 performances). Cast: Don Ameche (as "Steve Canfield"), Hildegard Knef (as "Ninotchka"), Lee Barry, Estelle Aza, Gretchen Wyler, Martin Allen, Tommy Andrew, Barbara Bostock, Leon Belasco, Paul Best, Bruce Hoy, Marcel Hillaire, Walter Kelvin, Devra Kline, Henry Lascoe, Win Mayo, Pat McBride, Alexandra Moss, Julie Newmar (as "Vera"), David Opatoshu, Louis Polacek, John Ray, Carol Risser, Arthur Rubin, Stanley Simmonds, Philip Sterling, Carol Stevens, George Tobias (as "Commisar Markovitch") [final Broadway role], Arthur Ulisse, Onna White. Produced by Feuer & Martin. Associate Producer: Monty Shaff and Arthur Lewis. Note: Mr. Tobias received special billing for this production.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Good Hunting. Satire. Written by Nathanael West and Joseph Schrank. Directed by Gerald Mayer (also co-producer). Hudson Theatre: 21 Nov 1938- Nov 1938 (closing date unknown/2 performances). Cast: John Barrington, George Brandt, Dennis Gurney, Edward Harvey, Marcel Journet (as "Lt. Frenique"), Nicholas Joy (as "Lt. Col. Jarvis, D.S.O."), Alfred Kappeler (as "Gen. Liebfrau"), Susi Lanner, James Larmore, Aubrey Mather, LeRoi Operti (as "Monsieur Jervais"), Tracey D. Rutledge, Horace Sinclair (as "Maj. Gen. Sir Arthur Reynolds, D.S.O."), Ben Smith, Guy Spaull (as "Willliam Lewis"), Jess Thomassen, George Tobias (as "Hank Russo"), Derek Williams, J.P. Wilson, Estelle Winwood (as "Grace Hargreaves"). Co-produced by Leonard Fields.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Paths of Glory. Tragedy. Written by Sidney Howard. Based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 26 Sep 1935- Oct 1935 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: Robert Adams, Paul Alberts, Lee Baker (as "Colonel Dax"), E.J. Ballantine (as "Captain Saucy"), Edgar Barrier, Sanford Bickart, John Bohn, Milo Boulton (as "Duval"), Ranney Compton, Jerome Cowan (as "Ferol"), Stephen Crane, Herschel Cropper, Jack Daniels, Jack Davis, Ann Dere (as "The Proprietress of the Café du Carrefour"), Roland Drew (as "Lieutenant Roget"), Ted Erwin, Carl Frank, Nicholas Harlow, William Harrigan, Perry Ivins (as "Sergeant-Chaplain Picard"), Wardell Jennings, Bernard Kisner, David Leonard, Benedict MacQuarrie, Arthur Marlowe, Myron McCormick (as "Langlois"), Harold Moffet (as "Sergeant Jonnart"), Leonard Penn, Dick Purcell (as "Sergeant Gounod") [only Broadway role], Guy Repp (as "Captain Charpentier"), Philip Robinson, Jack Roseleigh, Richard Ross, George Ryan, Cyril Scott (as "General de Guerville"), John Seager, Jerry Sloane, George W. Smith, Paul Stiller, Norman Stuart, George Tobias (as "Meyer"), Crane Whitley (as "Poujade") [credited as Clem Wilenchick]. Produced by Arthur Hopkins. Note: Sidney Howard's adaptation was not credited to the film Paths of Glory (1957) based on the same novel.

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