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Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar Is Back – Ten reasons that make the promo special

After a smartly executed curiosity driven campaign, the promo of Gabbar Is Back has finally been unleashed. The outcome is pretty much as expected, what with an out-and-out massy entertainer with a strong social message – that against corruption – been thrown in. For Akshay Kumar, the film pretty much stands as third in the trilogy of his social action entertainers after Holiday and Baby.

We bring to you 10 reasons that make the Gabbar Is Back promo special, as a result of which it warrants repeat viewing.

Recall value of the title

Gabbar – The name has been iconic for four decades now. More than Mogambo. More than Shakaal. More than Dr. Dang. More than the rest. The greatest villain ever has also been the most moveable of them all. No wonder, when a film releases with Gabbar in the title, it enjoys immense recall value with at least three generations.


Rajat Aroraa
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Jai Ho Movie Review

Take any day in your life that you wish you had a helping hand. A day you may have forgotten your wallet, when you needed to pay for your bus ticket. A day your car broke down, when you had to go to an interview. What if a stranger gave you that helping hand? No questions asked and in return, didn’t ask for money or a favour. Just that you help another when the chance came to you. Would you? Jai Ho shows us how a common man that left his army life, takes on the fight to help humanity, and for a bit of masala, bashes a few bad guys along the way.

Based on the concept from Pay It Forward (2000), A. R. Murugadoss’ designed the power packed story for his film Stalin (2006). Being the remake season that it was (or is) the film’s bumper success made
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Akshay Kumar referred Suman for 'Gabbar'

Akshay Kumar referred Suman for 'Gabbar'
Chennai, Jan 12: Southern actor Suman Talwar is extremely happy that Akshay Kumar referred his name for a role in upcoming film "Gabbar", which will also mark his debut in Bollywood.

"I received quite a few Bollywood offers after my performance in 'Sivaji', but nothing excited me as much as 'Gabbar'. When I came to know that Akshay Kumar had referred my name to the director, I was really touched and extremely happy. I would like to thank him for the opportunity," Suman told Ians.

"Gabbar", which is being directed by Krrish, is the Hindi remake of Tamil blockbuster "Ramanna". Akshay plays the lead in the film that also.
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Happy Bollywood Halloween!

There is nothing better on Halloween than watching a scary film. It gets even better if it is a spooky, bone chilling, terrifying Bollywood film. With the spine tingling themes of haunted abandoned havelis (mansions), reincarnation, revenge of the dead and wandering lost spirits – who said that Bollywood only told romantic tales?

You may recall the chillingly melancholic ‘Aayega Aane Waala’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

Yes – this was the the first time Bollywood truly met the “horror” genre through Kamal Amrohi’s box office smash hit, Mahal (1949). Starring Ashok Kumar and Madhubala in the lead, Mahal was the very first Hindi film to explore the theme of re-incarnation. In the style of a thriller, Mahal pioneered the way for Gothic Indian fiction.

Bollywood through the 1970’s and 1980’s witnessed an abundant rising of the dead through the many successful horror films produced during these two decades.

In fact, Bollywood even
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