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‘Impact Wrestling’ Review (Feb 18th 2020)

  • Nerdly
‘Impact Wrestling’ Review (Feb 18th 2020)
Welcome to this week’s Impact Wrestling review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and I look like Jordynne Grace, but with marshmallows in my mouth. We’ve got the final build for Sacrifice, so don’t go anywhere…except the bathroom…and to work…and to your kid’s little league game. Yeah, go to those things, but stay here after those are done for Impact Wrestling.

Match #1: Tjp w/ Fallah Bahh def. Josh Alexander w/ Ethan Page The following is courtesy of impactwrestling.com:

Tjp builds momentum with a quick dropkick. Tjp charges into the corner but Alexander counters with a big boot. Alexander connects with a backbreaker for a two count. Alexander is perched on the top with Tjp on his shoulders but Tjp counters into a Cross Armbreaker. Tjp flies over the top with a Corkscrew Plancha. Alexander is enraged as he spins Tjp over his shoulders,
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‘Impact Wrestling’ Review (Feb 4th 2020)

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Welcome to this week’s Impact Wrestling review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a really great match on here and some stupid Su Yung stuff. You’ll know the match when you see it and the Su Yung stuff when it gives you a tumor. Also, Booker T sent us another message: Women can’t wrestle fo’ s—————-! What a consistent man. Isn’t he consistent?

Match #1: Tessa Blanchard def. Adam Thornstowe w/ Luster the Legend & Ace Austin The following is courtesy of impactwrestling.com:

Luster gets up on the apron. Thornstowe charges at Tessa but she sidesteps, causing him to knock his own partner to the floor. Tessa hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. Tessa attempts a dive on Luster but he catches her in mid-air and slams her into the apron. Thornstowe attempts a standing Moonsault but Tessa avoids it to start building momentum.
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Competition: Win the DVD release of ‘WWE Hell in a Cell 2019′

  • Nerdly
To celebrate the DVD release of WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 (available to buy from 18th November) – we are giving away a copy to one lucky winner.

The most demonic structure in sports-entertainment returns, as WWE’s most-heated rivalries and fearsome Superstars step inside Hell in a Cell – and the results are brutal! Seth Rollins defends his Universal Championship against Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego “The Fiend” inside the Cell, while Becky Lynch puts her Raw Women’s Championship on the line against Sasha Banks in only the second ever women’s Hell in a Cell match! Plus much more

Hell in a Cell has a long history of settling the biggest scores and containing the wildest Superstars. Some of WWE’s most destructive matches ever have taken place within the demonic structure. But this year’s event put a new twist on Hell in a Cell with one of the
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‘Impact Wrestling’ Review (Oct 29th 2019)

  • Nerdly
Welcome to this week’s review of Impact Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have Linda Hamilton kicking Gabriel Luna’s ass in Terminator: The Search For More Money. We’ve got some big matches to get to, so let’s lick the toad and freak the !@#$ out! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Match #1: Noamichi Marufuji def. Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page) The following is courtesy of impactwrestling.com:

Marufuji hits a dropkick, followed by running double knees to gain momentum in the early going. Alexander launches himself off the top, driving his knee into the neck of Marufuji for a two count. Marufuji connects with a series of kicks but Alexander comes right back with a big forearm shot. Alexander gets Marufuji up in the Torture Rack, then spins him down to the mat for a very close near fall. Marufuji connects with Sliced Bread #2 to pick up the win.
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Six of the Creepiest Dolls in Film

  • HeyUGuys
The menacing silhouette of a Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers in the distance slowly, intently, stalking their prey with the backdrop of chilling music is scarier than their brutal methods of murder. Inevitably the build-up is better than the final crescendo itself.

Planting the seed of impending doom and not necessarily seeing it is a brand of horror we looked at in our Top 10 Physiological Horror Films and is one being used more often. But forget about horror icons like Freddy Kruger and his knife wielding buddies – some of films most foreboding figures nowadays come in a much smaller package.

Here we take a look at six of the creepiest dolls that may look cute but are anything but.

Saw – Billy

With a total of eight films in the Saw franchise, slowly but surely we came to realise that it wasn’t Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw who is the creepy posterboy of the films.
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WWE Wrestler Death Rates Investigated


A lot of people have been talking about Benjamin Morris’ 538 piece, “Are Pro Wrestlers Dying at an Unusual Rate?”

Like Morris, I am neither an actuarial scientist nor a demographer. So, our interpretations of the data should be taken with a grain of salt. My results were somewhat different from Morris’ due to a difference data set and changes in how we calculated actuarial predictions.

Differences in methodology from Morris

I also used Social Security Actuarial Life Tables, but my “expected mortality rates” for the age groups were not the same as Morris’. For each wrestler, I calculated what their age would have been as of today. Then, based on gender, I looked up the number of lives (out of 100,000) that were expected to still be alive and converted that to a percentage. His analysis looked at wrestlers who were on 20+ WWF PPVs through 2002. I went with a
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10 Things You Don’t Know About WWE In 1994


As we have seen from the backstage happenings in 1993, sometimes the biggest stories in WWF/E happen off screen rather than on screen. We learned about how Shawn Michaels quit the WWF, how Vince McMahon’s first stint as a heel was in the Uswa, who the second Doink was, and that Hulk Hogan called the WWF Championship a toy.

Moving on to the next installment of this series, we take a look at 1994. On screen, this was the year that Bret Hart reclaimed his spot at the top of the company, and Owen Hart was brought to the forefront as one of the biggest heels in the company. Macho Man, Bobby Heenan, and Mean Gene Okerlund left the WWF and joined Hulk Hogan in WCW. And at the end of the year, Diesel scored one of the more shocking and unexpected WWF Championship victories in history.

All of this we know.
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WWE Royal Rumble: The One-Timers Club

Gavin Jasper Jan 10, 2020

Some wrestlers only get one shot at the big time. Here are the Royal Rumble competitors who made the best of it...and those who didn't.

There’s something truly special about the Royal Rumble. It’s creative and filled with so many possibilities. Well, not always possibilities. There are certain years where the winner is so set in stone that even a child can find it obvious a month in advance. Yet they still rule because once every year, WWE puts on a wrestling party. A bunch of the roster will take part in one match and we get to see a snapshot of the company.

Older Royal Rumbles are like a class photo or a time capsule that best represent the year or even era and one thing that really magnifies what the Royal Rumble is all about is the one-timer. The kind of wrestler
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Buff Bagwell -- Major Progess After Bloody Car Crash

  • TMZ
Buff Bagwell is finally breathing and eating on his own ... after nearly dying in a horrific car crash Monday ... this according to the wrestler's wife. TMZ spoke with Judy Bagwell ... who tells us the former WCW superstar had been hooked up to a breathing tube while emergency room doctors were scrambling to treat major injuries to his face and spine. But now, Judy says, "The breathing tube was removed on Wednesday  ...  he is talking ... he's eating solid foods.
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